Watch Floyd Mayweather Start Scrapping With Jake And Logan Paul Ahead Of Boxing Match

Floyd Mayweather on The Steve Harvey Show

Logan Paul will take on Floyd Mayweather in an event that could very well be the boxing match of the season, even if it's not the most competitive. For what Logan and his brother Jake Paul may lack in professional boxing experience, they sure know how to hype a match. The internet is buzzing after the two started a scrap with Mayweather following a press conference for the upcoming matchup.

All three parties were part of a press conference to promote the fight, which got nasty pretty quickly. Per TMZ, Logan Paul called Floyd Mayweather's hairline fake and brought up his past domestic violence charge, while Mayweather guaranteed he'd knock Logan Paul out and even tried to up the ante by saying he'd take on Jake Paul as well in the same night.

Once the event was over, Jake Paul got in Floyd Mayweather's face. The two exchanged words briefly about scheduling a fight between the two of them, but then all hell broke loose when Paul grabbed Mayweather's hat and tried to make a break for it. A crowd swarmed shortly after, and readers can see the chaos that ensued soon after below.

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While it initially didn't look like the two made that much contact before bodyguards got involved, an alternate angle of the fight told a different story. Jake Paul grabbed the hat and tried to make a quick exit, but as this angle revealed, he didn't get more than a few steps before Floyd Mayweather got him caught in a headlock.

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Jake Paul has since gone to Twitter and claimed that he caught a punch to the eye from one of Floyd Mayweather's bodyguards. A clip has been circulating on the web of the aftermath of that shot, in which Paul can be seen being ushered away, holding his eye and continuing to taunt Mayweather as his voice cracked.

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Jake Paul has been on social media, utilizing the moment to the fullest and making some truly outrageous claims in the process. For those who wanted to know why he decided to take the hat of one of the greatest fighters of all time, Paul tweeted the following:

I stole his hat because he steals peoples money with boring fights

It seems Jake Paul is still interested in taunting Floyd Mayweather by bringing up one of the more popular complaints fans have had over the course of his career. Paul also made the rather bold claim that Mayweather was so heated about the event, he sent people out to kill him.

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Logan Paul has since posted a picture of the altercation, but there have been no posts from Floyd Mayweather about what went down. There's a part of me that feels the whole thing was a scripted moment to heighten hype for the fight, but given Mayweather's lack of a statement, perhaps Jake Paul really did push the champ too far?

We'll have to wait and see, but for now, the fight is only between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather and will take place on Showtime pay-per-view Sunday, June 6. CInemaBlend will continue to monitor the situation and see if Floyd is bold enough to potentially battle both brothers in a single night.

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