Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Confirm The Date For Their Big Showdown, And Twitter Has Thoughts

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Jake Paul may have gotten a nice payday from his latest pay-per-view with Ben Askren, but his older brother Logan could make that look like child's play based on the latest development in his boxing career. The YouTuber-turned-professional boxer just officially locked down a date for an exhibition bout with the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, and of course, Twitter has some thoughts.

The fight was confirmed by both men on their respective social media accounts, and of course, there's a hype trailer and everything. Take a look at the trailer below, which states the two men will throw down on Sunday, June 6.

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Logan Paul shared the same trailer on his Twitter, as well as a message that indicates he's feeling good about the bout this June.

it’s finally official... fighting @FloydMayweather at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday, June 6. LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOO

Now that the date is set in stone, Twitter really opened up the floodgates with thoughts on how the fight could go down. The most obvious take so far is that Logan Paul has no chance against a living legend like Floyd Mayweather, who is 50-0 in his professional boxing career with 27 knockouts. For those unaware, Logan Paul has had one professional boxing match, and he lost it to another YouTuber by the name of KSI. Paul taking on someone like Mayweather, even at almost half his age, is a move some consider to be reckless.

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Others have acknowledged that really the only one with something to lose in this is Floyd Mayweather, as Logan Paul comes out on top either way. Either the YouTuber makes millions of dollars (though the exact amount is disputed) and can claim he lost to the greatest boxer of all time, or he can win and claim he's the greatest.

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As for Floyd Mayweather, a loss like this would tarnish his perfect boxing record in about the biggest way possible. It wouldn't just be a loss; it would be a loss to a fighter with only one prior fight on their record. It's hard to imagine Mayweather would take the fight unless he's absolutely positive he'd win, which may be why people have already made outrageous claims about what they'll do should Logan Paul actually pull off a victory.

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Then there's the crowd who may have watched the Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight a few years back, and know there are no real losers in this event. Both fighters walked away from that matchup a good deal richer, and I'd imagine the same level of payday is in store for Logan Paul and Mayweather in this bout.

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Really no one can say for sure who will win or if the fight will even happen. With a couple of months to go, there's still some time for a postponement or delay, which happened back in February when the fight was first teased. The two could delay things, though with Showtime attached and a venue booked, that feels unlikely.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's boxing match is set for Sunday, June 6, on Showtime. Let us know who you think will win in our poll below, and be ready for all the drama that will come from this event in the coming weeks.

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