Donald Glover Trending After Critiquing The State Of The TV And Movie Industry

Hollywood is filled with a number of unique talents, but Donald Glover (known to music fans as Childish Gambino) stands among the top. The entertainment extraordinaire has been making noise in the industry for years now, but it feels as though he’s really come into his own over the past several years. He’s managed to crank out some unique content over multiple mediums, earning him critical acclaim in the process. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Glover has some critiques regarding the state of the TV and film industry, and he’s trending as a result.

Donald Glover isn’t the most active celebrity on social media but, occasionally, he does get online to share updates on upcoming projects or thoughts on certain topics. More recently, it was the latter, as he took to Twitter to share some honest thoughts on the entertainment industry. In the first of his tweets, he explained that he noticed a discussion being had online:

Donald Glover tweet

It would seem that Donald Glover spotted some media pundits allegedly talking about reviewing content and how they’re “tired” of reviewing “boring” TV shows and movies. With this, Glover went on to give his thoughts on why this is the case:

Donald Glover tweet

Apparently, Donald Glover believes creatives are afraid to push the boundaries of content due to a fear of being “cancelled.” He then claimed in another tweet that this causes some creatives to limit their ideas:

Donald Glover tweet

When it comes to the term “cancelled,” the internet is currently debating whether Donald Glover is referring to cancel culture or general cancellations that come for TV series. As of this writing, the actor, writer and producer has not clarified what he was specifically referring to.

In terms of Glover’s original observation, it is fair to say that Hollywood has become accustomed to certain kinds of content, as many studios look to creators who can provide ideas that fall into “tried and true” territory. Nevertheless, we have still seen major swings in certain genres here and there, especially in this age of television.

Donald Glover is part of the reason that television has become such an intriguing landscape. He firmly cemented himself as a force in the medium with the release of his dramedy, Atlanta, back in 2016. Fans of the show will tell you that Glover not only provides plenty of comedy but also provides some sharp commentary and surreal storytelling. For me personally, episodes like “B.A.N.,” “Barbershop” and “Teddy Perkins” are clear examples of how the hit show manages to push the limits of TV.

At present, the “Redbone” singer is working on the third and fourth seasons of the show, which began filming in London last month. Donald Glover has also mapped out another project as well, as he’s teaming with Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge for a TV reboot of the 2005 action film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. That show is set to debut on Amazon Prime sometime in 2022.

The public is bound to have varying thoughts on Donald Glover’s recent comments. However, like anyone, we can all agree that he is entitled to an opinion.

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