Fear The Walking Dead's June Is Not Too Friendly With Keith Carradine's Mystery Character In New Episode Clip

keith carradine's john dorie sr. on fear the walking dead

After having ruthlessly killed off Garret Dillahunt's John Dorie earlier in Season 6, Fear the Walking Dead has given Jenna Elfman's June a chance to get her revenge, for better or worse, and will soon give viewers a look at what post-John life is like for her, having been banned from Morgan's new community. It appears she won't be alone, though, with Deadwood and Dexter vet Keith Carradine joining the main storyline for at least one episode as a yet-to-be-named character. Having first popped up in the preview for Episode 613, Carradine's new character makes more of an impact in the exclusive clip above, even if June seems nonplussed by him.

The clip from the upcoming episode, which is curiously titled "J.D.," doesn't provide very much context for how June and Keith Carradine's character meet, but there's clearly quite a bit of tension already built up between them, with John Sr. blaming June for bursting into his life and gumming up "his investigation." Considering he's holding her at gunpoint and making her drive, it seems like she clearly pissed him off in a big way, although his tone makes him sound more like an angry friend or sibling than a real villain.

June apparently helped to offer Keith Carradine's character with his so-called investigation, leading to her getting behind the RV's wheel, but what can she do for him? He brings up an orchard, but I seriously doubt Carradine's new character is seeking out help in picking apples. So what is he doing exactly? Is he also going after the "End is the Beginning" doomsday cult? Or, heaven forbid, is he secretly part of that cult?

Considering Keith Carradine usually plays morally sound characters in movies and TV shows, rather than devious villains, I'm guessing he's not meant to be a serious threat to June. On the flip side, though, she might certainly be a threat to his health, at least if he's going to ride around with her sans seat belt while calling her names that she doesn't want to be called. I hope this dude is better at investigating than he is taking simple directions by people driving large vehicles.

It's a bit of a bummer that viewers don't get more information about Keith Carradine's character in this clip, but I guess the mystery is always part of the fun with the Dead universe. Consider Fear the Walking Dead delivered one of the most depressing hours of Dead TV ever with the conclusion of Grace's pregnancy arc, I can only hope Carradine is a hilarious breath of fresh air that can add more levity to Season 6.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET, with Keith Carradine joining the ensemble in Episode 613, "J.D." Here's hoping the actor isn't just making a one-and-done appearance, so that fans can go into the 2021 Summer TV season wondering what's coming next.

Nick Venable
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