The Awesome Way Fear The Walking Dead's Heroes Got Revenge On Virginia And Dakota

Major spoilers below for Fear the Walking Dead's latest episode, so be warned!

One week after delivering the most depressing episode imaginable, in which Garret Dillahunt's John Dorie was unceremoniously shot and killed by Zoe Colletti's murderous Dakota, Fear the Walking Dead thankfully brought some real justice to Dakota and Colby Minifie's Virginia in the form of Jenna Elfman's vengeful widow June, with a side-helping of Colman Domingo's army-building Victor Strand.

"Things Left To Do" was meant to serve as Season 6's spring premiere, but COVID-related delays forced the producers to open the back half of the season with 608's "The Door." And it's easy to understand why they wanted this particular episode to kick off the back half of the season, considering June definitely changed up Fear the Walking Dead's narrative scope moving forward. Now let's take a deeper dive to look at what actually happened.

virginia catching june with a gun on fear the walking dead season 6

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How Morgan And Strand Got Their Revenge On Virginia And Dakota

The episode started off by taking viewers right back into emotional headspaces, with June burying post-walker John's body. She wasn't even responsible for Virginia's early mental or physical woes in the episode, either. First, Virginia got bamboozled by both Morgan, who aired out her lies about Janis' death, and Strand, who revealed he'd secretly turned the bulk of her followers against her. Strand is also the character who put a bullet in Virginia after she pulled her gun on him, so it's good that he got to bring some pain to her after having to suffer through life as one of her henchmen.

The third form of reckoning that Virginia has to go through involved the big secret she'd been keeping from everyone this entire time: Dakota isn't her sister at all, but actually her daughter. Understanding that her death was likely imminent, Virginia requested to die without having to open that familial can of worms with Dakota. And she had to go through a minute or two standing (and screaming) at death's door while Morgan held her at axe-point. But Morgan came to the resolution that killing her would just put them all on Virginia's level. Instead, he wanted to twist the proverbial knife.

Specifically, Morgan forced Virginia into confessing to Dakota their true relationship, and I'm happy I'll never have to have that kind of conversation with anyone, because yikes. It was pretty awks for all the understandable reasons, especially with Dakota starting off the convo by wanting Virginia's death. All of the wind was taken out of Dakota's sails upon hearing about her true origin story, and it devolved into an emotional mess. But that mess was capped off by Morgan taking a stand and declaring that they would keep Virginia alive so that she would live with her sins and atrocities. That notion didn't sit well with Sherry and the masked marauders, of course, but they had to go along with it. Of course, they didn't have to stay angry for very long...

zoe colletti's dakota on Morgan's ranch on fear the walking dead

How June Got Her Own Revenge On Virginia And Dakota

Just in case anyone forgot that June MFing Dorie was part of this episode, she made one hell of a return in the third act. She arrived at Morgan's safe haven with several other protagonists such as Karen David's Grace and Ruben Blades' Daniel, and was present for his big speech about non-lethal punishments and whatnot. And while she didn't look super-pleased by everything he was saying, she didn't look like she was set to burn his ideals to the ground, either.

But something clearly clicked in June after that, in part due to John's final letter to her, because she inevitably chose to go against Morgan's wishes. What's more, she did so after going through the process of taking the bullet out of Virginia's arm and changing her dressing, meaning she was likely weighing her options up until the very second she decided to go through with it, with "it" being "shooting Virginia right through her dumb head."

Because for all the bullshit that June had put up with from Virginia, it was inevitably the villain's dishonesty that sealed her fate. Had she been honest about knowing why Dakota killed John, June might have spared her life and allowed her and Dakota to leave the settlement, never to be heard from again. Instead, June dropped Virginia with one shot, and left her open-eyed corpse for Dakota to discover in horror.

Then, in ultimate badass fashion, June donned John's hat and walked out of the dam, passing Morgan's axe that was meant to represent an era of non-violence. Even though she wasn't walking directly into the sunset, it was still easily one of the most excellent Fear the Walking Dead endings that we've seen yet. Making it all the more enjoyable is that it's not at all clear what will happen next with June, who doesn't really have any further ties with the main group after John's death, assuming she's no longer interested in being friendly with everyone. Maybe we'll see her showing up on The Walking Dead Season 11? Stranger things have happened.

So it doesn't look like we'll be finding out about Virginia's possible connections to any other characters in the Walking Dead-verse, but perhaps something similar could happen with Dakota. Or maybe Dakota will just die a lonely, sad death herself in the coming weeks, similar to the long death that befell Dwight and Sherry's relationship. Be sure to find out when Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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