Fox News Names Fox And Friends Replacement After Jedediah Bila Exits Network

One of Fox News' most popular shows was at the center of a surprising announcement recently, when it was revealed that Fox & Friends Weekend anchor Jedediah Bila would be the latest to leave the network, as she made an exit from not only the news series, but from the cable network as a whole. Fox News utilized Outnumbered co-host Emily Compagno in the weekend spot following Bila's departure, but the network has already revealed its choice for a permanent replacement in familiar Fox News commentator and The Real World: San Francisco vet Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Fox News announced that Rachel Campos-Duffy will be taking over for Jedidiah Bila on Fox & Friends Weekend starting on Saturday, June 12, which gives her right at two weeks to get fully invested with her new gig. It's worth noting that Campos-Duffy is a more staunchly conservative commentator than Bila, a self-professed libertarian whose views on Donald Trump's reign as President wasn't always in line with her Fox News colleagues.

rachel campos-duffy

Rachel Campos-Duffy's relationship with Fox News goes all the way back to 2009, when she appeared on an episode of Hannity, though it was a few years before she began to appear more regularly on shows such as The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, Cashin' In, The Five and more. She's served as a guest host on shows such as Outnumbered, Fox & Friends' flagship weekday program, and Fox News Primetime, among others. She's also appeared on other shows on the network, from The Faulkner Focus to The Ingraham Angle to the cable news ratings standout Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Here's how Rachel Campos-Duffy responded to the announcement, per Fox News:

The FOX & Friends Weekend team is amazing and I look forward to hosting alongside my friends, Pete and Will every Saturday and Sunday. I am confident we’ll continue to deliver the number one-rated cable news morning show in America.

Not that Rachel Campos-Duffy's entire TV career is fully tied to her time on Fox News. She made her big entertainment break in 1994 as part of the cast of The Real World: San Francisco, which she followed up on with an appearance on the first season of MTV's crossover competition The Challenge in 1998. It was there where she met future husband Road Rules vet Sean Duffy, who went on to become a Republican Congressman in Minnesota before vacating the post in 2019 due to personal matters. As well, Campos-Duffy has made a variety of guest appearances and co-hosting appearances on The View, beyond heading up her own co-created talk show Moms on Fox.

It's also worth noting that Fox News announced commentator Lawrence Jones is taking over the new position of "enterprise reporter" across all Fox & Friends programs throughout the week. As well, he will continue to serve as a co-host for both the weekday and weekend versions of the long-running series.

When you're not busy keeping tabs on all the big shows arriving in the 2021 Summer TV schedule, be sure to check out Rachel Campos-Duffy when she makes her official debut on Fox News as Fox & Friends Weekend co-host on Saturday, June 12.

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