Riverdale Streaming: How To Watch Past And Present Episodes Of The CW Series Online

The Riverdale cast

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Since first hitting the airwaves in January 2017, Riverdale has consistently been one of the most popular shows, not only on The CW, but on television in general. Based on the long-running Archie comics, the teen drama series is one of the most readily available shows to watch right now, which is good news considering the show’s Season 5 summer premiere will be here before you know it. But before we pick back up with Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and the rest of the Riverdale cast, now is the best time to go back and see where it all started.

Below is a quick breakdown of all the ways to watch Riverdale streaming. With options for the first four seasons as well as all the Riverdale Season 5 episodes that have aired already, you will be more than covered before the show makes its triumphant return in summer 2021…

Where To Watch Riverdale Seasons 1-4 Streaming

Catching up the first four seasons of Archie Andrews’ adventures is as simple as booting up the Netflix app on your preferred streaming device, searching for Riverdale, and finding a comfortable place to sit as you watch one of the best shows on Netflix. All 67 episodes including the shocking Riverdale Season 4 cliffhanger are available to enjoy on the streaming giant, so you better act fast if you want to be all caught up for when the show returns in summer 2021.

Stream Riverdale on Netflix.

How To Get Caught Up With Riverdale Season 5

After a longer than normal break following the conclusion of Riverdale Season 4, the hit show finally returned in January 2021, with 10 of the 19 episodes having aired through March 2021. If you are just now finding out about the show or missed them when they aired earlier in the year, you’re not out of luck because you can get all caught up in no time at all.

The best option for enjoying the first half of Riverdale Season 5 is Amazon. Now, it should be noted the episodes aren’t included in an Amazon Prime subscription but instead are available for purchase. You can buy the episodes individually or a season pass which will give you access to the second half of the season once the show returns to The CW later on in 2021.

Buy Riverdale Season 5 on Amazon.

There is a free option when it comes to getting all caught up with Riverdale Season 5, but it does not give you access to all of the episodes. Over on The CW’s website, you can stream the four most recent episodes (and this season’s second episode for some reason), but all other episodes are not available at the time of this writing.

Stream Riverdale Season 5 on The CW.

When Does Riverdale Season 5 Return To The CW

The Riverdale Season 5 summer premiere will debut Wednesday, August 11 on The CW, with the final nine episodes airing every week through the remainder of the summer. And this won’t be the end of the adventures as The CW has picked up Riverdale for a sixth season to air at some point in the network’s 2021-2022 television lineup.

For more information on the rest of The CW’s lineup of shows, check out CinemaBlend’s updated 2021 Summer TV schedule.

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