How Josh Duggar's Wife Anna Is Reportedly Handling His Child Pornography Case

The child pornography case against Josh Duggar seems to be growing day by day, and members of the Duggar family had already opened up about what it felt like to learn about his arrest. How his wife Anna has been coping has been more mysterious, but now reports have indicated how his wife is handling the situation.

Josh Duggar’s child pornography case has been a challenging time for his family, to say the least, but reportedly has not resulted in a split in his marriage. According to People, a source said this about Anna Duggar's handling of the situation:

She's standing by him. She thinks Josh is innocent. [Josh] has seen [his] children with Anna there. She has to be there.

Anna Duggar has evidently chosen to stand by her husband as he faces these serious allegations. But as the source pointed out, she must be with Josh Duggar and their children due to court orders. It seems the former 19 Kids and Counting stars are trying to keep their family together during such challenging times.

Anna Duggar is currently pregnant with the couple’s seventh child. Given the nature of the charges, Josh Duggar is currently required to stay with family friends Lacount and Maria Reber. Another part of his bail conditions includes being under home arrest with required GPS tracking. He is currently facing up to 40 years in prison connected to the charges.

The saga regarding Josh Duggar and various sexual allegations has been rolling on for a few years. The former 19 Kids and Counting star faced molestation allegations in 2015 after a 2006 report emerged involving two of his sisters. The allegations led to his family’s hit TLC show being canceled and some division within the close-knit family.

Things seemed to have settled down until news broke that Josh Duggar had been arrested and charged with child pornography. Before his release on bail, a Homeland Security special agent alleged he found countless examples of suggestive underage photos on a computer tied to Duggar's business. Upon hearing about the charges, Duggar’s family members took to varying media outlets to express their thoughts. His lawyers even released a defiant statement against the federal charges filed against their embattled client. Given recent developments, it appears Duggar and his legal team are ready to fight the charges.

While many may have turned against Josh Duggar due to the child pornography charges, his wife is standing by her husband as their family faces an uphill battle. While the former reality star is out on bail, his first court date is scheduled for July 1 with his actual trial starting July 6. For some TV options in the not-too-distant future, check out our 2021 summer TV premiere schedule.

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