19 Kids And Counting Has Been Canceled By TLC

Sometimes a scandal is just too large, and it’s impossible for those involved to get out from under it unscathed. Such is the case with the multi-headed reality series 19 Kids and Counting, which is making headlines again now that TLC has finally come to a decision on their plans for the series, and they have indeed decided to cancel it outright. We’ll call this situation “10 seasons and no more counting, unless someone else decides to acquire it.”

The fate of 19 Kids and Counting has been in the air for almost two months now, which is kind of like an eternity in this business. It didn’t seem likely that TLC would try to sweep the behind-the-scenes controversy under the rug and act as if nothing was wrong, but it wouldn’t have been the most insane thing had it turned out that way. Network heads don’t give up on their successes that easily.

The cancelation itself seems to be the only detail floating around out there, according to TV Line, and it’s not immediately clear whether or not TLC has completely removed itself from the business of Duggar-exploiting, or if they intend on moving forward with their plans to get a spinoff going. While nothing was set in stone, reports surfaced stating TLC was looking to pin a series on the offspring Jill and her husband Derick, whose wedding episode was a huge ratings success last October, or Jessa and her husband Ben. That project could easily still happen, though the network would be smart to distance itself from 19 Kids references however possible.

More than keeping itself away from the brand, anything TLC works on in the future will almost definitely be completely free from any and all mentions of Josh Duggar, the son who spent the last couple of months at the center of a revived molestation scandal. Police reports were discovered that revealed when Josh was a teenager, he repeatedly fondled a handful of underage girls, several of whom were his sisters. Even though there had been rumors for years, the proof was finally out, and the world reacted as the world does. TLC pulled 19 Kids from the schedule and the show lost a lot of its advertisers. The Duggar parents’ candid interview with Megyn Kelly did little to whitewash their past.

Mama June Shannon of Honey Boo Boo fame saw her show get canceled almost immediately after it was reported that she’d rekindled a relationship with a man previously convicted of child molestation. Mama June denied it all, and has been vocal recently about bringing a lawsuit to TLC for treating the Duggars with more respect than they did with her. Guess she won’t have much to talk about now.

Are you guys sorry to see 19 Kids and Counting go?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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