Looks Like New Bachelorette Host Tayshia Adams Reached Out To Another Franchise Alum For Advice After Replacing Chris Harrison

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Tayshia Adams has been on both sides of the rose, so to speak, during her time on Bachelor Nation. She wasn't chosen in the finals of Colton Underwood's controversial Bachelor season, but she made enough of an impression to be called in as the replacement leading lady of The Bachelorette last year when Clare Crawley left early. She was called in again this year, only this time as a replacement host for Chris Harrison on The Bachelorette and apparently sought out some advice from another franchise alum.

And who better for Tayshia Adams to ask advice from than Bachelor Nation alum JoJo Fletcher? Fletcher followed a journey similar to Adams, given how they both didn’t find love on The Bachelor but would go on to find it as the lead in The Bachelorette. Here’s what Fletcher told US Weekly about Adams reaching out:

Tayshia actually texted me before she went in. She was like, ‘Can I pick your brain?’ Because it’s a weird thing taking over the host role on a show like that. Chris Harrison is amazing at his job. And so it’s a lot of pressure. I’m excited for them.

JoJo Fletcher didn’t get into the specifics of the advice she gave Tayshia Adams, but the pressure is certainly on for her and co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe to measure up in Chris Harrison’s absence. Along with her Bachelorette fiancé Zac Clark, Adams has been very upbeat and positive about the change, even promising something “totally new” for the 20-year-old franchise. Bristowe, on the other hand, has mentioned that hosting and advising leading ladies herself has “brought up some trauma or anxiety” that she hadn't dealt with from her previous experience being in the public eye.

The changing of the hosting guard has created a polarizing effect amongst fans, former contestants, and supposedly the new cast and crew alike. Reports have alleged that even current contestants for Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season, which recently wrapped filming, didn’t feel as comfortable going to the two women for advice as they once did Chris Harrison.

Many speculated that JoJo Fletcher, a notorious fan favorite, was going to be chosen to host The Bachelorette in lieu of Chris Harrison. According to Fletcher though, she never even got that call. But it looks like she wouldn’t have been able to take on the role anyway, thanks to another hosting gig in the pipeline.

Variety confirmed back in March that TBS greenlit a new dating show called The Big D, with JoJo Fletcher and fiancé Jordan Rodgers as hosts. In the show, 10 divorced couples will live together and vote a person out each week, until true romance is found. It’s a neat divorce twist on the Bachelor in Paradise concept and likely why Tayshia Adams felt comfortable going to Fletcher for advice on her own hosting duties.

It’s nine days and counting until Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season premieres on ABC on June 7. We’ll see how successful JoJo Fletcher’s advice proves to be for both Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

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