Netflix's After Life Producer Removed Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations And Star Ricky Gervais Has Responded

Ricky Gervais sitting on a bench looking sad alongside a woman.

Charlie Hanson, a longtime producer and frequent Ricky Gervais collaborator who has recently been working on Netflix’s After Life, has been removed from his position on the show after 11 women reportedly accused him of sexual misconduct. The specifics of the allegations have not been made public, though we know they initially came in the form of an anonymous email that was sent to both Netflix and BAFTA that reportedly contained detailed and specific claims. The latter reportedly suspended his membership, and Netflix said it referred the matter to the police.

The initial correspondence reportedly happened on Monday, and by the weekend, it was made public with a story in The London Times and additional follow-ups in many of the trades. After Life star Ricky Gervais also released a statement saying he was “appalled” by the alleged behavior of his longtime collaborator. You can read his statement below courtesy of Deadline

I am shocked and appalled to learn of the historical allegations made by a number of women against Charlie Hanson. The decision was made to immediately remove him from production and I am confident the matter is being handled thoroughly.

The exact details of the allegations have not been released publicly, but an excerpt of the original email claimed a pattern of the 68-year-old producer using his position and connection to “groom” far younger women, sometimes by promising them a “starry career” before exploiting that trust in “creepy and illegal ways.” None of the allegations are reportedly connected to After Life, and all the complaints reportedly are about behavior between 2008 and 2015.

Charlie Hanson, who has also reportedly been suspended by his representation at United Artists during the investigation, has aggressively denied any wrongdoing in the matter. He released a statement through his attorney saying he’s never had a complaint prior to this in his decades of working in the industry and that many of the current allegations are “demonstrably false.” You can read his statement below…

I have been made aware of allegations made against me concerning improper conduct towards women dating back many years. Based on the summaries that have been provided to me, I understand that many of these accusations are made anonymously and are demonstrably false. I have not had one complaint in decades of work in the media industry. I categorically reject any wrongdoing on my part, and strongly refute the allegations that have been levelled at me. I have worked with and supported hundreds of men and women during my working life and will do what is necessary to protect and/or restore my reputation. I will also cooperate with any formal inquiries. The matter is now in the hands of my solicitors.

In addition to After Life, Charlie Hanson has had an extensive career as a producer. He’s partnered with Ricky Gervais on Extras, Derek and Life’s Too Short, among others. He’s also participated in a variety of other projects including Birds Of A Feature, Desmond’s and Reggie Perrin.

Over the past few years, Hollywood and the larger entertainment industry have started to address longstanding inequalities and a culture that has historically been silent about sexual misconduct. Several huge names have ended up in prison and dozens more are no longer working after allegations of exploitive behavior, inappropriate conduct and far worse.

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