Did Hailee Steinfeld Actually Learn Archery For Disney+’s Hawkeye? Here's What She Says

Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie in Bumblebee.

With Marvel Studios and Disney+’s Hawkeye having wrapped filming, it’s only a matter of time before fans are reunited with Clint Barton once again. Soon we’ll also be introduced to the person who will take up the Hawkeye mantle in his place, Kate Bishop, portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld. Being Hawkeye means being a pro at archery, and Steinfeld revealed whether or not she’s actually learned the bow and arrow for the new Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

Hailee Steinfeld was first confirmed to portray Clint’s protégé late last year after Jeremy Renner posted a photo to his Instagram featuring the two of them together. Steinfeld, while known for her acting and singing, is adding archery to her resumé now. Via CreamOrScream on Twitter, the actress was asked a few questions by SFX Magazine for its May 2021 issue, and she revealed what she thinks about archery as a sport:

As far as a bow and arrow goes, I’m pretty damn good! And I’ll say it’s something that I genuinely, really enjoy. Not something I’ve ever picked up, a bow, before this project. So something I definitely recommend – it’s a sport that anybody can play and start at any point in their life. And it’s truly therapeutic and just really amazing. Not something I’d ever see myself doing. But here I am! And I absolutely love it.

In January, Hailee Steinfeld shared her excitement over playing the young heroine, revealing it was a “crazy year of not knowing if that was gonna happen for a while.” Steinfeld’s introduction into the MCU can mean that we will be seeing Kate Bishop for quite some time. It’s possible that her story in the Hawkeye series will only just be beginning, and fans could even expect, or at least hope, to see her in a future film. Maybe we'll even see her found the Young Avengers team, alongside the already-established Eli Bradley from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Miss America, who we'll meet in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, among others.

Recently, the Hawkeye directors shared an update on Instagram, noting that their cuts are completed. And while there is no set release date for the new Disney+ series, besides it being later this year, with post-production getting closer to completion, hopefully the studio will release a trailer very soon, allowing us to see Clint and Kate in action.

In the meantime, Disney+ is not running short on Marvel series just yet. Following the successes of both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the new Loki series is due to release in less than two weeks and the anticipation among Marvel fans is increasing every day, especially when a new clip or poster comes out. Even though Hawkeye doesn’t have a release date yet, MCU fans can still be occupied with other series. Keep track of them with our upcoming Marvel TV shows guide.

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