Jeremy Renner Finally Confirms Hailee Steinfeld In Marvel's Hawkeye Series With Adorable Photo

The rumor mill has been working overtime lately in regards to Marvel's upcoming Hawkeye series, and just a day after unofficial pictures surfaced of actress Hailee Steinfeld on the set, star Jeremy Renner has seemingly confirmed her casting as Kate Bishop even more so than his previous post. As Marvel and Disney remain silent on that front, the actor was a real "hero" and spilled the beans with an adorable photo.

Renner uploaded a photo that clearly wasn't taken by himself, and featured him and Hailee Steinfeld in the same clothing as in the pictures that floated around the web recently. Check out the photo, which features an absolutely adorable dog, below.

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Jeremy Renner's post is about as unofficially official as one can get when it comes to casting confirmations, and it's hard to imagine the actor going to such extreme lengths to deceive Marvel fans. It indeed appears that Hailee Steinfeld has been cast as Kate Bishop, and eventually will work her way into the MCU as the new Hawkeye.

Another interesting thing to note is the dog who, believe it or not, is likely a relevant Marvel character. Lucky the Pizza Dog was originally Clint Barton's dog in Marvel Comics and was rescued from a group of gangsters who beat him. Lucky took a liking to Kate and even moved in with her for a time. It's unclear what role Lucky will have in the Marvel series, or how his character will change, but given the resemblance between the comic and dog in the photos, it seems clear that this is the character.

Hailee Steinfeld's involvement in the Hawkeye series has been rumored for quite a while, with reports of her taking on the role of Kate Bishop dating as far back as September of 2019. Despite that, Disney and Marvel stayed silent on the news, as did Steinfeld when asked about the question. As mentioned, there was a vested interest about the casting, as the belief is that Kate Bishop's Hawkeye will inevitably take over Jeremy Renner's role as Hawkeye in the MCU.

With production underway, hopefully it's only a matter of time before the Hawkeye series makes its debut on Disney+. With that said, a solid release date has not yet been announced, though Wandavision is set to premiere on January 15, 2021. After that, we know that Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been in production for a while, so it may be next. If the release slate for these Marvel shows on Disney+ is similar to how things were done at Netflix, it could be some time before Hawkeye is on the platform.

Luckily, there's no shortage of Marvel content following 2020's rather light year for superheroes. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening with Marvel, and for more news in television and movies.

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