Zach Braff And Plenty Of Other Folks Had Over-The-Top Reactions To The Mare Of Easttown Finale

Kate Winslet as Detective Mare Sheehan in Mare of Easttown.

HBO’s Mare of Easttown finally had its finale. And while at first fans weren’t able to watch due to a blackout on HBO Max, the last episode of the Kate Winslet crime drama threw fans into a frenzy. Many fans were taken aback by the series, and the finale itself, as well as the talented cast. A lot took to Twitter to share their feelings and a lot can’t believe that the series is completed.

Actor Zach Braff is among the many Mare of Easttown fans. The Scrubs alum posted on Twitter a thanks to everyone involved and noted how beautiful the HBO series is. The drama follows Kate Winslet as detective Mare Sheehan who investigates the recent murder of a teenage mother, while also dealing with her own personal problems including divorce, losing a son to suicide, and an ex-heroin addict daughter-in-law fighting for custody of Mare’s grandson. The heartbreaking but realistic storylines is one of the reasons why the series is so popular:

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When fans hear the words “Mystery crime drama” they usually think of shows like Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Bones, Breaking Bad or similar. While a crime drama, Mare of Easttown is much more than that, as it explores many different themes. One user even pointed out that it’s “the top contender for sweeping the award season.”

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Emmys, Golden Globes and everything in between is what Mare of Easttown will likely be nominated for following the success of the series and the heartbreaking finale. While nothing is ever set in stone for a nomination, no matter how critically acclaimed a series is, many are mentioning that there is no doubt the show and cast will be nominated for many awards over the coming months. As one went as far to say that there is no justice if everyone on the series doesn’t win a single award:

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Kate Winslet’s acting is just one of many reasons why people are so invested in the series and making sure that it gets nominated for all the awards. While the actress hasn’t done too much television, that didn’t stop her from not only starring in the miniseries, but also serving as an executive producer. Being an English actress in a series set in a Philadelphia suburb also didn’t stop her, as her accent was pretty much perfection. A Twitter user praised Winslet’s accent, as if one was watching without knowing who she was, they would think she was American born and bread:

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With Mare of Easttown being a limited series, it’s likely the series won’t be coming back, but if the series does sweep awards season, which would be surprising if it doesn’t, who’s to say it won’t come back for another seven episodes, especially with an ensemble cast including Winslet, Guy Pearce, Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson, and James McArdle.

Mare of Easttown is streaming now on HBO Max.

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