Kylie Jenner Responds After Being Accused Of Bullying Model From Tyga Music Video

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As most probably know by now, the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family find themselves in the midst of drama quite often. This can be connected to a number of different things, whether it be their romantic relationships or even their business endeavors. At present, Kylie Jenner is facing something that’s lightly connected to a past romance. Jenner was recently accused of bullying a model, who previously worked on a music video of Jenner’s ex, Tyga. Now, Jenner has taken some time to respond to the accusation.

In a TikTok video, model Victoria Vanna alleges that Kylie Jenner bullied her while she was working on the set of Tyga’s “Ice Cream Man” music video back in 2015. Vanna claims Jenner and her friends taunted her and mocked her dancing as she filmed the music video with Tyga and others:

As soon as I walk out, she’s looking at me up and down, whispering and pointing and making fun of how I was dancing.

Victoria Vanna later claims that the group continued to criticize her when she walked outside the building, as the group allegedly went to Jenner’s Rolls Royce. Vanna says she was “literally full-on crying” because of the alleged ordeal on the Los Angeles set, saying that she was initially “excited” to meet Jenner and “felt bullied for no reason.” Kylie Jenner has become aware of the 26-year-old Victoria Vanna’s video, and she delivered a response on Instagram that was captured by The Shade Room:

This never happened.

Kylie Jenner also provided a separate response to the allegations on a fan account, calling the accusation a “false story.” Victoria Vanna later says she doesn’t hold the alleged situation against Jenner, though, and that she only wanted to share because it was a “funny experience”:

That was my experience and I’m deciding to share it now because I really don’t give a shit. It’s just a funny experience and TikTok is just a place where regular people can share their experiences. In no way am I mad or saying that this is who she still is but this is just what happened to me.

This isn’t the first time Kylie Jenner has found herself faced with a situation that was stoked by social media. Earlier this year, she received criticism from commentators after she took to her Instagram stories to encourage the public to donate money for a makeup artist’s brain surgery. Folks online took Jenner (who donated $5,000) to task for reaching out to others online and not contributing more herself, given her financial standing. Jenner later took to social media to defend her decision.

As of this writing, Victoria Vanna has not commented on Kylie Jenner’s recent Instagram responses to her video. But if Vanna does hold no negative feelings about the alleged 2015 incident, then she likely won’t respond and will opt to put any reported drama behind her.

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