Should Superman And Lois’ Jonathan Get Superpowers? Actor Jordan Elsass Has Thoughts

Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent in Superman & Lois.

Spoilers ahead for the Superman & Lois episode, “Holding the Wrench.”

While the latest episode of The CW’s Superman & Lois explored more about John Henry Irons and revealed what his time was like on his Earth, including being married to his Earth's Lois Lane, the episode also focused on Jonathan, who is feeling more like an outsider watching his dad and brother bond over something he doesn’t have. Jordan Elsass, who portrays the powerless Kent boy, shares his thoughts on whether or not Jonathan should get superpowers in a future storyline.

Jordan Elsass recently spoke to TVLine and shared his thoughts on why Jonathan shouldn’t count out having powers yet and why it makes him more interesting, considering his dad is Superman. He also opened up about how he thinks it would work if Jonathan were to ever get powers:

I think it makes him more interesting in some ways to not have powers — at least not yet. And even if he doesn’t ever get powers permanently, I think it could be something temporary that we could tease in an episode and make people wonder if he’ll ever get them. He’s very vocal about wanting powers. And who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t want powers?

In this week’s episode of the freshman Arrowverse show, audiences saw Jonathan spend more time with mother Lois, who, in some scenes, was opening up to a therapist following a near-death incident with Jonathan while he was investigating John Henry Irons’ RV without her. Lois practically blew up on Jonathan for disobeying her, but she was really just scared she would lose another child, revealing that she had a miscarriage at some point. Elsass explained the relationship Jonathan has with his father versus the relationship he was with his mother, especially as it relates to the parent he confides in:

Jonathan played football with his dad when he was growing up, so he was closer with him as a kid. But he’s at a turning point in his life now. It happens to a lot of us, and I think people will find this very relatable. He knows that he has some traits from his dad, but he doesn’t have his powers. So who in his family does he confide in? I think that’s going to be Lois. Of course, there are also things he’s not going to be able to tell Lois, and he’ll always have Jordan for that. They’ll always be able to confide in one another.

While it’s unknown whether or not Jonathan will ever inherit his father’s Kryptonian genes and gain superpowers, seeing him try to live a normal, powerless life while knowing about his father’s identity and his brother's powers will be interesting, as Jordan Elsass pointed out. Wherever the story for Jonathan goes, it’s one that should be interesting to watch.

Superman & Lois airs new episodes every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

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