Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather's Boxing Match Rules Are Out, And Fans Have Thoughts

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather hyped their upcoming pay-per-view fight for months, and come June 6, the bout will finally happen. With that said, it's not happening in the way some believed it would, as the official rules for the event spurred many reactions from those who assumed this would be similar to a standard boxing match.

According to the official rules (via ESPN) for the boxing exhibition between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, the two will fight for eight three-minute rounds. Paul will be limited to 190 pounds (and fined $100k for every pound he weighs in over), the two will use 12 oz gloves and no headgear, and knockouts are allowed with fight stoppage at a referee's discretion. Then there's the rule that there will be no declared winner or judges present to keep score between rounds, which has spurred all types of reactions, including regarding the legitimacy of this boxing match.

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Some fans are understandably upset at the late announcement that no winner will be decided for the match. While some may argue that a winner will be known to fans, part of the appeal of the mega-fight was that Logan Paul had a chance of blemishing Floyd Mayweather's perfect boxing record of 50-0. With the stakes removed, some have questioned the value of watching the fight altogether.

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While exhibitions typically don't count towards an official record, many have questioned why judges won't be on hand to further validate the results of the exhibition. There's speculation that Mayweather, who hasn't fought since his bout with Conor McGregor in 2018 and is grossly undersized compared to Logan Paul, is afraid he could actually lose the fight.

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Other sports fans speculated something far more sinister, namely that the rule could mean Floyd Mayweather plans to intentionally lose the bout to Logan Paul. As one of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd is heavily favored to win the bout against Paul. Is it possible that he would throw a match and bet against himself with nothing to lose towards his legacy and some money to gain? At least one fan thinks so:

Floyd is really about to throw the match for milionssss

One interesting thing to note is that, apparently, Logan Paul isn't a big fan of the rules either. The YouTube sensation indicated as much in a recent tweet about the fight, perhaps as a response to complaints from fans.

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Floyd Mayweather didn't react to the rules on his social media, so we can only speculate on his thoughts on the matter. For now, it seems like there are plenty upset about it, but whether or not that'll impact the PPV numbers for the event remains to be seen.

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather's boxing match is set to air on Showtime (the same place Paul's brother Jake recently signed a deal with) PPV for $49.99. With the fight just around the corner, be sure to sound off on our poll below on who will win this matchup.

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