Last Chance U's Coach John Mosley Just Got Back In The Gym, But When's His Next Season?

Coach John Mosley on the court Last Chance U: Basketball Netflix

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 1 was quite possibly the greatest basketball documentary since The Last Dance, and that's partially due to its captivating stories behind a talented team and their quest to make it to or back to Division I college basketball. Coach John Mosley's East Los Angeles College Huskies were on a path to bring home the team's first state title but had their chances crushed after COVID-19 shut down the season.

Many of the team's most promising players have moved on to other schools and are having different levels of success, but Coach John Mosley is still at the college and officially able to get back into the gym. Check out the Twitter video below of Mosley going back into the gym for the first time alongside assistant coach Rob Robinson -- and start wondering when Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2 is coming:

The highlight of the video is, without a doubt, the fact that the team's rocks from their cabin outing were still tucked away within the gym. Those rocks were meant to inspire the players as they entered the big state tournament, which was ultimately postponed due to COVID-19 shutdowns nationwide. It was a devastating end to Last Chance U: Basketball Season 1, so it would be nice to see Coach John Mosley get another crack at it in a hypothetical Season 2.

Unfortunately, it's still very much up in the air what's in store for the franchise. Last Chance U: Basketball could return for Season 2 and, if it followed the formula of the original football-based Last Chance U, it would return to ELAC for at least one more season. With that said, almost all of the team's starting five transferred out to other universities after the season ended, so there's no telling how successful Coach Mosley's new crew would be.

It's also possible that Last Chance U: Basketball has another season planned but will follow another school to chronicle for its next season. As of righ now, we have no idea if Season 2 is even happening and, while this was a cool update from Coach Mosley, it was posted by a page not officially affiliated with the Netflix series. We can only continue to wait and see whether or not Netflix will give this spinoff another season or choose to go the "one-and-done" route as it has with other series.

Last Chance U: Basketball is currently available to stream on Netflix and is a must-watch during this NBA playoff action. For more news related to basketball, be sure to read up on the recent outbreak of inappropriate behavior by NBA fans and what's being done to attempt and curve their increasingly unruly behavior.

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