Watch Mayim Bialik Get Some Big Bang Theory And Blossom Love From Jeopardy Contestants

Mayim Bialik talking about being a guest host on Jeopardy!

Serving as a guest host on Jeopardy! has opened a new lane for Mayim Bialik after years in entertainment. While many viewers love her as the show’s host, others still long for the days of watching her on classic sitcoms The Big Bang Theory and Blossom. A recent episode of the game show seemed to reinforce that fact. Bialik got some major Big Bang Theory and Blossom love from Jeopardy! contestants.

Mayim Bialik’s reach has spanned generations and decades from one hit sitcom to another. Some loved her as everybody’s favorite neurobiologist while others still think about an angsty and awkward teenage girl. One eliminated Jeopardy! contestant preferred the former. The contestant revealed her favorite Amy Farrah Fowler moment to the actress.

Mayim, since I’m not going to be up here again, I just have to tell you one of my favorite moments of The Big Bang Theory is your acting when you get a tiara. It’s classic. I just had to.

It hasn’t been that long since The Big Bang Theory left the airwaves. So, it’s only fair that viewers would let Mayim Bialik know how much they appreciate her time as Amy. Even picking out a specific moment from the hit sitcom showed just how beloved the actress is. But bringing up The Big Bang Theory was only the beginning.

The Mayim Bialik fangirl session wasn’t over yet. Another eliminated contestant took The Big Bang Theory alum back to the early 1990s by mentioning Blossom. The contestant said to the actress about her Jeopardy! experience:

I have to say my 39-year-old self is thrilled to be on Jeopardy!, but my ten-year-old self is thrilled to be on Jeopardy! with Blossom.

Given Bialik’s decades-long career, it’s nice to see the impact her work has had on viewers. Mayim Bialik appeared to be taken aback by the two contestants’ praise. Check the Jeopardy! contestants’ fangirl moments with Bialik in full below.

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It was surprising to learn that those two contestants were the first ones to reference either show. But given Mayim Bialik’s reactions, she seemed both surprised and pleased that fans remember those characters and moments. These Jeopardy! fangirl moments gave the actress the credit she deserved.

Mayim Bialik is one of the relatively few child stars who made the successful transition into more mature roles. The hit NBC sitcom Blossom made her a household name in 1990s teen culture and an awkward girl icon. But it was joining the cast of The Big Bang Theory that cemented her legacy on television. As Amy, Bialik went from being a supporting character to an integral part of the cast. The role scored four Primetime Emmy and SAG nominations amongst other accolades.

With that said, it appears her guest stint on Jeopardy! Is just as important as those two shows. So, fans of both sitcoms can see Mayim Bialik host her final episode on June 11 as her two-week guest stint ends.

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