Stargirl's First Season 2 Trailer Introduces Green Lantern's Daughter, Thunderbolt, And More DC Awesomeness

While most of the Arrowverse shows are in the middle of their current seasons, the upcoming second season of DC's Stargirl has yet to mark the show's debut as a CW original after its first season was initially released through the now-reconfigured DC Universe streaming service. Fans knew big things were coming to Season 2 in the form of the villains Eclipso and The Shade, and the newly released Season 2 trailer seen above dropped the major bombshell that fans will get to watch Green Lantern Alan Scott's daughter Jade jump into the action when Stargirl returns.

There's no sign of whether or not Stargirl will legitimately bring Alan Scott into the fold for Season 2, but we now know for sure that actress Ysa Penarejo will be wielding the eponymous Green Lantern when the DC drama returns. Of course, even just that quick introduction in the trailer unlocks plenty of other questions.

One such question is whether or not Stargirl is planning to also introduce Jade's twin brother Todd James Rice, who goes on to become Obsidian in the comics. Or why Jade is getting all physically confrontational with Courtney inside her own home. Or why she even has possession of the lantern in the first place. I guess Jade doesn't take too kindly to learning that Courtney and Luke Wilson's Pat have the iconic item. However it's explained, I can't wait to see how Jade's powers are utilized.

Speaking of highly anticipated introductions, I will be tickled pink to see comic book hero Thunderbolt make his "live-action" debut in Stargirl Season 2, as voiced by stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan. DC-savvy viewers have known that Thunderbolt's debut was coming ever since the giggling pen was brought into the first season, and it looks like he'll be just as wacky as expected, and wouldn't be too out of place in a Ghostbusters project.

And then there's the previously hinted-at Injustice Society villain The Shade, who will be portrayed in full for Stargirl Season 2 by SEAL Team and Desperate Housewives vet Jonathan Cake. He's shown in the trailer to be sitting at a dinner table right out of a spooky version of the game Clue, and judging by the eerie shadows surrounding him, I'm guessing he won't mesh well with Stargirl's glowing staff.

stargirl's the shade at dinner table

With a special appearance already planned for John Wesley Shipp's Flash hero Jay Garrick, Stargirl Season 2 will make its highly anticipated debut on The CW on Tuesday, August 10, with episodes available to stream the next day on The CW app. Check out our 2021 Summer TV schedule to see what other new shows are popping up before then.

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