WWE Is Already Bringing Back One Of The Wrestlers Who Was Recently Fired

Samoa Joe approaching the ring WWE

The WWE has gone through a string of firings in the past couple of months, which has led to speculation about the company's status and its future plans. As if the firings weren't confusing enough, it's now been reported that the WWE has re-hired one of its recently released talents, Samoa Joe, and will work him back into the organization. With that said, it's been said the upcoming plans for the wrestler are much different than his previous role as a commentator on Monday Night Raw.

It's been reported that Samoa Joe is back with the WWE and is currently set to work with the NXT brand. PWinsider reported that Joe has been seen at least once at the WWE Performance Center in recent weeks and that C.O.O. Triple H wanted the wrestler back within the brand before he could sign a deal with AEW or another organization. As for what he'll be doing, it's being said non-wrestling duties are the focus, though a return to the ring is not entirely out of the question.

The news of Samoa Joe's return arrived just as current NXT General Manager William Regal hinted he could be moving on from his role with the WWE. Following the chaos of Sunday's NXT Takeover: In Your House, the show closed on Regal upset and citing a need for change in the organization:

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William Regal's quote was almost certainly scripted to be a part of the program and could pave the way for his retirement as NXT's General Manager. It's been speculated that Regal's role would be filled by Samoa Joe, who has been unable to wrestle in the WWE since 2020 due to concussion issues. It's not at all rare for injured wrestlers to take on roles like this, as it allows them to be involved in the show and still remain under contract by the time they're able to wrestle again.

There's also been speculation that Samoa Joe could be brought into NXT to act as William Regal's enforcer, though I'm less sure about that theory compared to the previous ones. If Joe is cleared for in-ring action, one would think the WWE would waste no time in working him into the Monday Night Raw roster.

Braun Strowman's release has greatly diminished the Monday night show's number of "main event" caliber performers on the program, especially with Bray Wyatt still absent and Daniel Bryan's future still unspecified. Samoa Joe would instantly beef up Raw's roster, so I'd have to think the WWE would move him there first if in-ring performances are possible for him right now.

Ultimately, this is all speculation. While the reports of Samoa Joe's hiring for NXT come from reputable sources, the WWE has not officially announced his return. It's possible though news of his hiring could arrive soon, especially if William Regal has some announcement planned for Tuesday's episode.

WWE NXT airs on USA Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. If Samoa Joe is already back with the WWE, one has to think it's not impossible that other recently fired wrestlers may return. Fans would love to see Braun Strowman come back, but his return may be more difficult for WWE to mange compared to others.

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