What WWE's Drew McIntyre Thinks Of Fans Complaining About His Nonstop Bobby Lashley Matches

Drew McIntyre just over it Monday Night Raw USA

The WWE is billed as an organization where theoretically any wrestler can reach for the brass ring and eventually become champion. Wrestling fans know that's often not the case, however, and Monday Night Raw has been in a holding pattern with the WWE championship of late, with Drew McIntyre getting a different title shot against Bobby Lashley with each month that goes by. Fans have been especially vocal about seeing the two run it back with the Hell In a Cell PPV approaching, and McIntyre has finally addressed the criticism.

Drew McIntyre spoke to Out Of Character's Ryan Satin about his upcoming match at Hell In A Cell, and came around to addressing the fanbase's vocal criticism that there's been enough of the back-and-forth rivalry between McIntyre and Bobby Lashley since it first started up back in March. Not surprisingly, McIntyre defended his position, but did signal that he grasps where some of the frustration is coming from.

I understand some fans may be like, ‘Ugh, I’d like a new fresh face in the picture,’ perhaps. Realistically, I have been fighting for the title or been champion for over a year now – which is a pretty significant time – but I don’t think anyone is saying, ‘Oh my goodness, Drew’s not working as hard as he can to give us the best matches possible and do the best he can with every interview possible.’ I think it’s more, ‘I would like to see something different here and see Drew do something different over here.’

Drew McIntyre is right on the nose with his view of the situation, because there haven't been many complaints about the actual quality of his matches, or what he's brought to them personally. Rather, the issue is that the WWE's creative team keeps offering up basically the same story month after month without evolving what fans are seeing. It feels as though the WWE dug itself into a rut while awaiting the go-ahead to resume its touring schedule, and one result of that creative stagnancy is putting on the same matches over and over again.

It's certainly frustrating to see Monday Night Raw continually push Drew McIntyre into matches with Bobby Lashley on such a regular basis, but it's hard to deny McIntyre hasn't earned his spot in the limelight. McIntyre carried the WWE championship throughout most of 2020, a time where the WWE was largely without fans. He certainly deserves a chance to win and even hold the title in front of live audiences, though the WWE may have blown all chances of that eventuality being well-received by audiences, considering how often he's been set up for title shots in recent months.

Drew McIntyre's constant title shots are also part of a weird time in the WWE, in which Monday Night Raw is a bit short on main event level talent. Many guys who would be considered worthy of a title shot are either locked in tag teams at the moment or currently on a break from the company. It's a problem that may resolve itself in the coming weeks, once the WWE is able to get back to some normalcy. And assuming the company doesn't reveal any further mass firings.

Monday Night Raw airs on USA Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those frustrated with how things have been going with the company lately may take solace in the fact that changes are reportedly happening, though it remains to be seen how effective the changes could be.

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