Why WWE's Drew McIntyre Is Ready To Perform In Front Of Fans Again

Drew McIntyre angry at Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 36

The WWE was one of the significant organizations impacted when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down live entertainment events nationwide. Now, after a full year in which audiences were largely absent from their shows and pay-per-view events (outside of WrestleMania 37), WWE Superstars will soon get back to their formerly normal routine of touring and performing in front of fans on a frequent basis. Drew McIntyre is one of the many superstars jazzed about the news.

The two-time WWE Champion recently spoke to The Dallas Morning News about returning to live events, which will kick off with three shows in Texas beginning Friday, July 16, in Houston. Drew McIntyre, who will most likely appear at both Sunday, July 18th's Money In The Bank pay-per-view and July 19th's Monday Night Raw, shared his main motivation for returning to shows with fans once again.

Realistically, my time as WWE champion -- which was basically an entire year -- we had no fans...My entire time fighting for, defending the WWE title, we did not have fans. So, I would really, really like the chance to win back my title, get in front of fans live and finally hold it up. Because it’s very weird to say you’ve held the WWE championship for basically over a year and never had live fans there to hold it up in front of. So, that’s a goal of mine, and we’re going to see if I can pull it off before the July 16 weekend.

Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship for the first time in April of 2020, lost it, and then won it again in November of 2020. In total, his reign as champion lasted 300 days. McIntyre then lost his title again when The Miz cashed in following a grueling match at the 2021 Elimination Chamber, which ultimately resulted in The Miz dropping the title to now-champion Bobby Lashley. McIntyre did get a chance to try and win the title back at WrestleMania 37 in front of fans but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Drew McIntyre wants to win the title in front of a live audience, and judging from the WWE's past booking in months, and he may just get that opportunity. McIntyre has played a part in many of Lashley's feuds as of late, with wrestlers like Braun Strowman and Kofi Kingston being injected into the action as well to keep things fresh.

Tickets go on sale for the WWE's upcoming live tour on Wednesday, May 26. It will certainly be interesting to see how live audiences impact the television experience after the better part of a year away and how the WWE may change in its effort to return to normalcy. Those looking to attend a live event in the near future should definitely check out our upcoming WWE events guide, which shows which major pay-per-views are left in the year to attend.

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