Phil Robertson Says Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay Lost A Chunk Of Her Face In Dog Attack

It’s never a dull day in the Robertson household. This week, we heard about a harrowing experience that family matriarch Kay Robertson recently underwent. The mom of four recently had to go straight to the hospital after an incident with family dog Bobo. Her husband, Phil Robertson recounted the grisly details on the family’s podcast Unashamed.

As Phil Robertson got into his tale of what happened during a seemingly innocuous night at home, he noted that “someone would have had to told me the story for me to believe it.” The tale starts late at night when Robertson was already in bed. His wife typically stays up much later than him, so Robertson says he was already asleep when the incident with the dog in the night-time went down.

I felt this shake, I looked up, she’s standing there beside the bed. In her left hand, there’s a cloth covering her mouth like that. I looked up, I said, ‘Watcha got.’ She said, ‘I think you might have to carry me to the doctor.’ And I said, ‘For what? Move that rag a minute.’ She takes that rag off her face and I’m looking at her top lip was split in two about a quarter of an inch--that’s a big cut. It’s on the top left and I just went on down and her bottom lip over on the right side, there was just a chunk gone. So, bleeding profusely is an understatement.

Phil Robertson’s kids who also appear on Unashamed seemed to confirm the blood factor, before Phil says he got into gear, pulled on “his britches” and got her to the hospital. But he wanted to know what happened, to which Kay Robertson explained:

She said, ‘I was gonna kiss Bobo good night when I got up out of my chair. He’s about 4,5 feet behind on the couch. I thought he was awake, just relaxing. So I went over and just bent down to wish him a good sleep.’ I’m sitting her listening to the story, [but she says], ‘When I woke him up, he just come at me.’ … he just bit her right in the face.

We’re actually getting into the you’d need to be there to believe it bit, as Phil Robertson says he drove to the neighbors, blew a “horn” in the middle of the night to wake ‘em up and get them in on the hospital activity. As it turns out, Miss Kay wants everyone to know that “it wasn’t his fault” and that generally Bobo is a good dog and didn’t know what he was doing when she frightened him. Miss Kay has since been stitched up and is on the mend and you can see the story told in full below.

But as Phil Robertson put it, there’s a literal reason there's a phrase called “let a sleeping dog lie.” Meanwhile, Robertson also says his wife is trying to take the positives and learn from the experience now that she’s all stitched up and going to be OK. Regardless, our thoughts go out to the Duck Dynasty clan during this time.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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