What's Next For Jesse Williams After Grey's Anatomy Exit? Looks Like He’s Getting Naked Onstage

Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery in Grey's Anatomy

Following Jesse Williams’ surprising exit from Grey’s Anatomy in Season 17, the actor seems to be getting ready for a new role. While he won’t be sporting scrubs for his upcoming role, he is doing something that will probably excite fans. He's going to be sporting his birthday suit.

Jesse Williams is officially heading to Broadway for a revival of the play Take Me Out, in which he’ll be playing a lead. While speaking to tWitch on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the guest host brought up the fact that Williams’ role will require him to be naked on stage, to which the audience started applauding. Williams then shared his feelings about taking on the new role:

The character does call for a little bit of nudity, so what I will say about that is it's terrifying in all the right ways. I'm looking to be challenged in new ways. To be scared and excited, to be pushed. One of the beautiful things about the job that I've had for so long is the comfort it creates. So, I'm excited to do something new.

Jesse Williams’ new role definitely seems like a change of pace for the actor, after having played Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy for 11 seasons. Playing the same role for years and switching to something else is not always easy, especially if the new role calls for doing something drastically different. However, it looks like Williams is just as excited for this new adventure he’s embarking on and, with Broadway officially back in business, it hopefully won’t be long before he’s seen baring it all on stage.

Jackson’s Grey’s Anatomy departure was a surprising one, but the reason for it wasn’t so surprising. Jackson decided to leave Grey Sloan in order to head the Fox Foundation, ultimately asking April to bring Harriet and come with him. April obliged, Jackson handed in his resignation and said his goodbyes. He headed off to a new adventure, but not before Tom Koracick begged Jackson for a job since he wanted to do something different with his life. The exit brought some closure for Japril fans and also hope for a spinoff, a show that Jesse Williams would be on board for.

It will be interesting to see Jesse Williams in a new role after seeing him as Dr. Jackson Avery for so long, especially if it means that he’s going to be wearing a lot less on Broadway. So far there is no word on when this new play will be making its Broadway debut, but we'll be sure to keep you posted on more of Williams' next steps as news becomes available.

Meanwhile, Grey's Anatomy Season 18 will premiere on ABC this fall.

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