Fans Are Having Some Fun Reactions To Loki's Surprise Cameo

Jamie Alexander as Lady Sif in Loki.

Spoilers ahead for Episode 4 of Loki, "The Nexus Event."

Marvel Studios and Disney+’s Loki went above and beyond for its latest episode. "The Nexus Event" included multiple surprises. Following the events of last week’s episode, Mobius and Hunter B-15 were on the search for Loki and Sylvie. When they eventually caught the duo before they could die on Lamentis-1, however, they weren't forthcoming with any details, and Loki was thrown into a time loop courtesy of Mobius and the TVA to loosen his tongue. In the loop, Loki came face-to-face with Lady Sif once again, and fans had some fun reactions.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning shortly after Episode 4 of Loki dropped on Disney+, fans were already discussing what happened, including Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander)’s surprise cameo. She first appeared in 2011’s Thor and returned in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. Sif’s last MCU appearances before Loki were in two episodes of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2014 and 2015, so to say it’s been a long time is an understatement, as one fan on Twitter said:

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Lady Sif’s appearance in Loki marks her first in six years, considering she didn't appear in Thor: Ragnarok. The character is set to make a return to the larger part of the MCU in Thor: Love & Thunder in 2022. Jaimie Alexander’s surprise cameo in Loki is getting fans hyped for Thor 4 and what her character will bring to the big screen:

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The loop that Loki got stuck in took him back to a time after he cut off Lady Sif’s hair as a prank, something that she doesn’t take very lightly. Since the characters are based on Norse mythology, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that that prank is also taken from Norse mythology, as one fan pointed out:

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Some fans are still recovering from the episode, which included some very emotional scenes, including Loki and Mobius seemingly getting killed, Sylvie’s whole ordeal, the revelation surrounding the TVA and its Time Keepers, and more. And not to mention that end-credits scene that proved at least one of the big deaths wasn't what it seemed. Safe to say that Episode 4 of Loki was one of the best yet!

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All in all, Episode 4 of Loki caused many fans to feel many things. There were plenty of unanswered questions that make it hard to wait a whole week for answers. What will happen in the last two episodes of Season 1?

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It will be interesting to see just what happens in these final episodes of Loki, and whether or not it will have any effect on Thor: Love & Thunder. While it’s unknown, just like with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, whether or not Loki will have a second season, fans can always hope that it's happening, unless the show wraps things up in two episodes or in the next Thor movie. New episodes of Loki drop Wednesdays on Disney+.

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