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The Bachelorette Spoilers: Katie Thurston's Final Four And Who She Might Be Engaged To

Katie Thurston The Bachelorette promo shot of her with rose.

Spoiler alert! The following story contains major spoilers for the remainder of Season 17 of The Bachelorette, including Katie Thurston’s final rose. If you don’t want to know the ending before the episodes air, please stop reading now!

We’ve still got a ways to go on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, but since filming wrapped back in April, the truth is out there. Many fans can’t wait to see who Katie ended up with (or if she ended up with anyone), and some of us just don’t have the patience to let the season play out on TV. Fear not, eager viewer, for it was only a matter of time before Bachelor franchise know-it-all Reality Steve came forward with reports on the final four and eventual "winner."

The period of time between filming and airing is tricky for the Bachelor franchise, as the lead and their betrothed have to keep their relationship hidden until the finale airs. In the past, contestants have used disguises and had secret rendezvous to keep from spoiling the ending. Katie Thurston might even be playing social media jokes to throw fans off. Let’s take a look at who Reality Steve reports are Katie’s four finalists, including who received her final rose.

Andrew Spencer

The 26-year-old football player with the boyish smile, Andrew Spencer, and Katie Thurston had a steamy one-on-one date, where they played a getting-to-know-you game in the woods, before getting to know each other even better in the hot tub. Their open conversation about interracial dating was a highlight of Katie’s season so far.

Blake Moynes

It’s never a popular decision to allow a guy to come into a Bachelor Nation season late, but alas, Katie Thurston wanted to see if there was anything more to Blake Moynes than the DMs they admitted to exchanging prior to the season. Blake got a one-on-one date right off the bat (why, Katie, why?!), and their chemistry seemed undeniable, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if he did in fact make it this far.

Greg Grippo

Greg Grippo was on the radar as a favorite ever since Katie Thurston granted him the First Impression Rose on night one. Their camping date under the fireworks had the rest of the house worried about this couple’s connection, and apparently for good reason. Greg was also the person Katie sought out to comfort her after all the drama with Karl Smith.

Justin Glaze

Justin Glaze impressed Katie Thurston so much on the first night with his painting of a rose that he ended up getting the first kiss. I, meanwhile, was far more impressed with Justin’s GIF-worthy reactions to the drama in the house. But if Reality Steve is to be believed, there’s much more to Justin than his “stroking” metaphors (because, you know, he’s a painter).

Blake Moynes holds Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette

(Image credit: ABC Press)

So who received Katie’s final rose? Reality Steve reports that it’s none other than the fashionably late Blake Moynes, and that he and Katie Thurston are engaged! This may not be a popular choice for The Bachelorette loyalists, as many questioned Blake’s intentions coming on the show to date a third Bachelorette. To be fair, though, it wasn’t his fault Clare Crawley left the show to be with Dale, thus the show bringing Tayshia Adams to replace her in Season 16.

So there you have it: the rumored ending for Katie Thurston’s Season 17 of The Bachelorette. One thing that isn’t yet known is the order of the last three eliminations, so there’s plenty of drama still to be seen before the final rose is given. The Bachelorette airs at 8 p.m. ET Mondays on ABC. And if you need more shows to hold you over before the August premiere of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, head on over to our 2021 Summer TV schedule.

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