Jersey Shore Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Ex Jen Harley Was Arrested For Domestic Battery

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation has been more or less a looking glass into Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's troubled relationship with his baby mama Jen Harley, and it hasn't been all that pretty. Ronnie kicked off his Miami vacation by cheating on Harley, only to later reveal she had cheated on him prior to her pregnancy. The latest? It's being reported Ronnie's now-former girlfriend Jen is presently out on bail after being arrested for domestic battery in a disturbing situation that is alleged to have went down in front of their infant daughter.

Jen Harley was arrested on Sunday evening after she allegedly drove off in her vehicle while Ronnie was in the midst of trying to exit it. Following an in-car argument, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast member was said to be tangled up in the car's seat belt as Harley started to drive away, which reportedly resulted in him being dragged down the street, causing some injuries.

TMZ reported the couple's two-month-old daughter Ariana was apparently in the car at the time of the incident. Jersey Shore Family Vacation cameras were not around to catch the wild situation -- not the wild Situation -- as the series wasn't filming Season 2 that Sunday.

People confirmed that Jen Harley had posted bail at the Clark County Detention Center, and was no longer in their custody by Tuesday morning. The model's bail was set at $3,000, though it was not revealed specifically how long Harley had been held before being released. Representatives for MTV, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Harley have not commented on the headline-making ordeal.

This altercation-turned-arrest is just another chapter in the increasingly troubled relationship between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley. Harley was in the headlines earlier this month for another fight with Ortiz-Magro during a Jersey Shore Family Vacation shoot at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood, in which witnesses alleged she spit on Ortiz-Magro and struck him before leaving the scene. Prior to that, Harley had gone live on Instagram to showcase a rather disturbing argument between her and Ortiz-Magro that alarmed many who watched.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans who have followed the couple on social media have definitely seen Jen and Ronnie go at it multiple times across various platforms, and as it usually went for his romantic fights on Jersey Shore, it never ends well. In an Instagram story, Ortiz-Magro had publicly asked his followers whether or not they'd be cool with their significant other keeping sex videos from past relationships, which was clearly a pointed barb at Harley, who responded by implying that Ortiz-Magro was a "coke head." Ortiz-Magro later apologized to both his followers and Harley for the incident, and stated he regretted "acting on his gut."

Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Season 1 finale is headed to MTV Thursday, June 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those panicking and wondering what they'll watch next needn't fear, as CinemaBlend has a summer premiere guide to help anyone find what's coming to television in the coming months, and when. For more on Ronnie's Jersey Shore drama, be sure to read up on how the castmember reacted the night after he cheated on Jen Harley on the show. For other Jersey Shore news, check out what Sammi Sweetheart had to say about her sex doll on the revival.

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