Monday Night Raw Crowd Chants For Bray Wyatt Days After Release

Bray Wyatt on Monday Night Raw USA

WWE stunned fans over the weekend with the surprise release of superstar Bray Wyatt, who was considered one of the brand's top stars. As rumors swirl and superstars continue to react to the news of Wyatt's release, fans at Monday Night Raw's Chicago show gave the superstar a well-deserved shoutout throughout the night.

WWE's Chicago shows are well-known for their rowdy crowds who like to chant stuff the top brass would probably rather not be sent out on live television. It was almost a given that some acknowledgment of Bray Wyatt was going to happen, but certainly surprising that chants for the superstar began almost as quickly as the show did. Fans started shouting during a segment between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg and chanted "We want Wyatt" as the two superstars plus MVP tried to hype their upcoming SummerSlam match.

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That was the first time that the Monday Night Raw crowd chanted Bray Wyatt's name in the night, but it wasn't the last. Shortly following the end of Tamina and Doudrop's singles match, the crowd piped up again and certainly sound louder in this crowd video of the moment.

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Bray Wyatt is not the first wrestler to have his name chanted by a WWE crowd, but he is one of the only ones to get that honor following his unexpected release. Of course, Chicago fans have a history of shaming the organization for releasing talent, whether or not it was unintentional or forced released. Crowds in Chicago continually chanted for the wrestler and fellow Chicagoan CM Punk at every show in the city since his release in 2014. Wyatt does not have any significant ties to Chicago but got the honor all the same.

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Whether or not disgruntled crowds will be enough to make the WWE second-guess its release of Bray Wyatt remains to be seen. Rumors stated that Wyatt was cut for budget reasons, but there have also been rumors that the WWE intended to bring back the wrestler in August for SummerSlam. Wyatt was allegedly lukewarm on creative ideas for his return, though none of that has been confirmed or mentioned by the WWE in his release.

Bray Wyatt was last seen at WrestleMania 37, where he was betrayed by Alexa Bliss and lost his big match against Randy Orton. Wyatt then disappeared from television with rumors saying that while the wrestler was in good standing with the company, he needed some time away. Though specific reasons weren't mentioned, Wyatt has children and hadn't taken a long break from wrestling since the untimely death of his friend and former WWE superstar Brodie Lee. In either case, it appears fans are upset about Wyatt's release and would love to see him back if possible.

Monday Night Raw airs on USA Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on the WWE, read up on the other major superstar who was released recently that has fans questioning what's going on with the wrestling organization.

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