Which Vampire Diaries Couple Was Totally F-ed Up? Julie Plec Has Thoughts

Candice King as Caroline Forbes and Joseph Morgan as Klaus Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries.

While the Vampire Diaries franchise has kept fans interested in small-screen vampire tales, there are some aspects of the flagship series that may not fair too well today. For instance, creator Julie Plec recently shined a light on the fan-favorite couple Klaus and Caroline, particularly in terms of how "fucked up" a relationship it really was.

Speaking on EW’s Binge: The Vampire Diaries, Julie Plec got to talking about Mystic Falls’ bad boy Klaus Mikaelson, portrayed by Joseph Morgan. Klaus is part of the family of first vampires — a.k.a. the Originals — and he soon became close with Candice King’s Caroline Forbes following a healing. The chemistry between the two characters blossomed, making Klaroline a fan-favorite couple. Instead of championing that love, however, Plec talked about just how messed up the toxicity of their relationship really was:

That little romantic relationship would never get through a writers' room today. because it's just unbelievably fucked up, but boy was it good.

Just because it was all effed up doesn't mean that Julie Plec isn't still pleased by certain aspects of it, of course. Klaroline’s love story throughout The Vampire Diaries and The Originals was more than a little complicated, as was every relationship on the two series. Anger, love, sadness and every other kind of painful emotion was shared between the two of them, culminating in a heartfelt letter that Klaus sent to Caroline in the series finale. Their relationship was not a healthy one, to say the least, but it kept fans invested and it made many viewers fall for Klaus, just like how Caroline did.

It’s interesting to point out that Klaroline is not the only relationship that Julie Plec has recently called out as being “toxic.” She'd also mentioned how The Vampire Diaries overall wouldn’t be the same if it were being made today, particularly because of the “bad boy trope” it glorified, and how unhealthy Elena and Damon’s relationship was at times. That seemed to be a running theme in TVD, but clearly not one that fans were too meticulous about complaining about while the show was airing.

With the way that The Originals ended, with Klaus and Elijah sacrificing themselves, fans will never be able to watch Klaroline reunite, at least in the human world. Although Caroline has yet to officially cameo in Legacies, hopefully we’ll see her return to Mystic Falls some day and she and fans might be able to get that closure they’ve been needing to end the Klaus and Caroline chapter once and for all. While Klaroline’s love story long ago came to an end, it still lives on in Legacies, like much of the TVD universe. Characters have been known to come back to life before, maybe it’s possible that Klaus will come back and he and Caroline can have one last (non-fucked-up) dance together.

Klaroline will forever be a fan-favorite and fans will forever wonder what could have been for the two of them. Although their relationship might not have been the best, at least Julie Plec can agree that it was a juicy one to witness, and that’s all that matters. How would a Klaroline relationship look today? Who knows, but at least we have the OG pair to fall in love with all over again.

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