The Vampire Diaries Writer Reveals Original Klaroline Letter On Finale Anniversary

Candice King as Caroline Forbes Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries series finale The CW

Two years ago, on March 10, The Vampire Diaries fans went on the roller coaster ride of the series finale, Season 8's "I Was Feeling Epic." One of the best parts came toward the end, when Caroline Forbes got a donation letter in the mail from Klaus Mikaelson as "the beginning of another story." That Klaroline letter sent shipper hearts soaring. It was written by The Originals writer/producer Carina Adly MacKenzie. In honor of Vampire Diaries' 2-year finale anniversary, she shared her first draft of the letter, which she apparently sent to TVD producer Julie Plec in January 2017:

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The finished letter that aired during the episode is a little bit different from what she originally wrote, as you can see in this TV screenshot:

Klaus letter to Caroline on The Vampire Diaries series finale Klaroline letter

The ending of the letter is the same, though. It's amazing to think Carina Adly MacKenzie thought that last line might be a little too much. The "however long it takes" was a perfect callback. You'll remember in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 23, "Graduation," Klaus dropped this swoon-worthy line on Caroline, in reference to Tyler:

He's your first love, I intend to be your last; however long it takes.

Klaus. Joseph Morgan. Everything. The voice, the wit, the wisdom.

Klaroline fans hoped and fully expected for Caroline and Klaus to end up together, especially after the Vampire Diaries finale tease. But that didn't quite happen. Caroline did briefly return on The Originals, and Julie Plec said that if Klaus hadn't ended his life that he and Caroline might've ended up together.

Julie Plec is the queen of The Vampire Diaries Universe and she also honored the 2-year Vampire Diaries finale anniversary:

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Here's a look back at part of the Vampire Diaries finale ending, leading up to the Klaroline letter:

Whether they planned it for the anniversary or not, the spinoff series Legacies seems to be honoring The Vampire Diaries and The Originals in the perfect way this week. Not only is a character from The Originals returning in the Thursday, March 14 episode, the Salvatore school is also hosting the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Caroline won that in Vampire Diaries Season 1. And it looks like Klaus' daughter Hope Mikaelson wears a blue gown to the dance -- the same blue dress that Klaus gave Caroline for his family's formal ball on Vampire Diaries.

Guess that's why they call the show Legacies?

It has only been two years since the end of The Vampire Diaries and the stars are taking over TV in many other roles. It hasn't even quite been one year since The Originals finale in August 2018. And now we have Legacies, which is winding down its first season, but was already renewed for a 2019-2020 Season 2 on The CW.

The Legacies Season 1 finale will apparently leave Alaric Saltzman's future in question, which sounds very alarming. Plus, Landon Kirby is meant to kinda sorta face-off with his father. The mystery may be solved! Legacies continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW as one of the many shows now airing in midseason 2019.

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