How Legacies Handled Delena Vs. Stelena And More Vampire Diaries Relationships In The Musical Episode

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 3 of Legacies Season 3, called "Salvatore: The Musical."

Legacies embraced its status as a Vampire Diaries spinoff in "Salvatore: The Musical" when Landon decided to produce a musical based on the origin of the Salvatore School, which was basically Legacies' way of both honoring and poking fun at the show that started it all. The actors were surprisingly strong singers, and the songs were much catchier than I expected, but as somebody who well remembers the fan passion surrounding Vampire Diaries romances, I was very curious about how Legacies would handle Delena vs. Stelena vs. Steroline vs. Klaroline.

Well, "Salvatore: The Musical" had its own takes on how the Vampire Diaries relationships unfolded, and I can't say that it wasn't fun to watch. With the episode poking fun at the original show with lines like how weird it was that Ric was Caroline's teacher and how all the guys wanted to play Damon, I thought Legacies might subvert the Vampire Diaries endgames as a joke. Starring Josie as Elena until Hope stepped in, Lizzie as Caroline, Kaleb as Damon, and Jed as Stefan, "Salvatore: The Musical" was certainly something to behold. So, let's take a look at how Legacies handled the iconic Vampire Diaries romances!

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The Stefan/Elena romance was originally set up as the epic love of The Vampire Diaries, and Legacies honored that strong start with Jed's Stefan and Josie's Elena meeting in the hallway of the school and then becoming devoted to each other... for a while, at least. They had some cute moments, but the "Hello Brother" musical number between Kaleb's Damon and Stefan made it pretty clear that the Vampire Diaries love triangle made it to Legacies, and Elena had a song about Damon that made it clear that Stelena was as doomed on Legacies as on The Vampire Diaries.

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Damon and Elena's musical Legacies start was a lot like their Vampire Diaries start as well, with Elena with Stefan but drawn to Damon against her better judgment. Kaleb really channeled his inner Damon for the "Hello Brother" number, and the big climax of the musical involved a romantic moment between Damon and Elena that leads me to believe that Landon at least was a Delena shipper, even if Hope's Elena had come back to say goodbye to Stefan before he died. Delena was Elena's "Salvatore: The Musical" endgame, just like on The Vampire Diaries.

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And then we have Steroline! I thought "Salvatore: The Musical" actually did a great job with Caroline, and Lizzie playing her. She didn't have the most time on stage, but she went from the girl who was only "okay" and didn't have the kind of love Elena did to a the vampire who won Stefan's heart and told him that he could find peace because she'd be "okay" once he died. Their ending wasn't any happier than what happened on The Vampire Diaries, with Jed's Stefan still dying, but Steroline still won the day for the musical's Stefan and Caroline.

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There actually wasn't any ship conflict for Caroline's heart in "Salvatore: The Musical" for one simple reason: the musical pretty much ignored Klaus and Caroline as a pairing altogether. The closest the show came to delivering anything Klaroline was when the musical version of Klaus gave Caroline the money to start the Salvatore School. His role in the play was more about Hope than restarting Steroline vs. Klaroline again. And honestly, considering the person playing Klaus in the musical looked like an adult man and Lizzie is a teenage girl, I for one am glad that "Salvatore: The Musical" left out Klaroline.

Elena, Damon, Stefan, and Caroline were the only Vampire Diaries characters who got much attention in the musical. As somebody who always preferred Steroline and thought that Chris Lee knocked it out of the park as Kaleb playing Damon, I enjoyed "Salvatore: The Musical" for what it was. Be sure to weigh in the comments with your thoughts on Legacies' musical take on The Vampire Diaries, and stick with The CW on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET to see what happens next once Hope and Co. get back to fighting monsters.

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