Family Feud's Steve Harvey Has A New TV Show On The Way

steve harvey hosting family feud

While he's obviously also known as a writer and film actor, with both largely attached to Think Like a Man and its sequel, Steve Harvey is currently best known as the longtime, always-smiling host of Family Feud and its primetime offshoot Celebrity Family Feud. Now, Harvey is set to front a new TV series that will see him following in the footsteps of Judy Sheindlin and Jerry Springer.

That's right, Steve Harvey is taking his talents from the Family Feud stage to the courtroom (also a stage) for the new comedic series Judge Steve Harvey, which has already secured a series order at ABC. At this time, the order is for ten unscripted, one-hour episodes, and the goal is for the first season to debut in 2022, with nothing more specific noted on that front.

Judge Steve Harvey, which is currently just a working title (though it's hard to imagine anything less on-the-nose for this), will feature the titular comedian wielding a gavel as he sits through a litany of disputes and unique personalities, but with a more comedic bent to the confrontations. Like Family Feud, just with slightly more animosity and slightly fewer sex jokes and references; or hell, maybe the same amount of both.

The cases will range in size and situation from small conflicts to more formidable head-to-heads, and Harvey will "play by his own rules," according to the announcement; as if anyone would expect anything less. His judgments will be parceled out based on a mixture of common sense and his own up-and-down life experiences, which he has opened up about more in recent years.

Now, it can only be assumed that Steve Harvey is going to stay seated and won't jump up and start dancing whenever one of the bickering parties says something foolish. Of course, that's with the added assumption that Harvey can ever stop those impulses after so many years of Family Feud. And then it's his courtroom. If he wants to get up and walk off the set altogether, I don't see anyone trying to stop him.

At this time, casting is currently underway, presumably for the different cases that will be heard, though I wouldn't be surprised if there are some other familiar faces in the courtroom for Steve Harvey to mix it up with. And I think we can all agree this image should be posted on every bulletin board across the country, speaking of sex jokes...

steve harvey on casting info poster for judge steve harvey

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