Watch Family Feud's Steve Harvey Dance And Crack Everybody Up After Ridiculous Guess

For Family Feud fans like yours truly, it can often be just as fun to see the contestants derailing comedian and host Steve Harvey with off-kilter guesses as it is to see the contestants actually guessing what I've been yelling at the screen for the past five minutes. But I digress. The most recent episode of Celebrity Family Feud featured one of Harvey's most hilariously physical reactions to one woman's questionable answer, though I don't think anyone will be hiring him to do any choreography any time soon.

This particular episode of Celebrity Family Feud featured comedian and black-ish star Deon Cole going up against Martin vet and Harley Quinn voice star Tisha Campbell, and it was quite the boisterous good time for all involved. More so for Cole & Co., since they made it to Fast Money, but I think everyone was all lit up for the episode's peak, which featured Steve Harvey as a doctor dancing on a patient's grave in response to a particularly goofy answer. Check out the video below!

For those unable to watch the video in its entirety, the topic in question was "Name someone you might worry would actually dance on your grave someday." (That's not even quite the most morbid that Family Feud gets these days.) The guesses were gloriously free from overtly sexual subject matter for a change, and they were all pretty understandable, from a current spouse to an ex to an in-law to a sibling to even one's own offspring. Which is partly why it was so damned funny to see Steve Harvey lose it over the unexpected guess offered up by Deon Cole's friend Kelley Kali:

Your doctor, 'cause you don't listen to his advice.

It would take a mighty vindictive physician to make the choice to dance on someone's grave just because the person didn't heed medical advice. Granted, I wouldn't be surprised if the thought crossed many a doctor's mind at times, but to actually make the effort is on a whole different level.

But Steve Harvey gives everyone a fantastically vaudevillian idea of what that doctorly grave-dance could look like, complete with a diabetes diagnosis. He went on for about 15 seconds, too, while everyone else on the stage guffawed. But as surprising as the "doctor" answer was, it was just as unsurprising when the buzzer sounded, meaning no one in the 100 people surveyed was on the same level as Kelley Kali.

As much as I already like Family Feud, I could probably watch a whole episode filled solely with Steve Harvey outtakes, whether it's him going off-book after being stunned by a particularly questionable guess, or him dropping F-bombs, usually also because of a contestant's bizarre guess. Such is life for the host.

New episodes of Celebrity Family Feud air Sunday nights on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET, and be sure to check out all the other great shows debuting soon with our 2021 Fall TV schedule.

Nick Venable
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