One Outlander Couple Will Get 'Really Dark' In Season 6

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If there's anything that Outlander fans love, it's a good romance with some of the sexiest moments, and this hit has that in spades. Claire and Jamie are the definite focus of most of the stories on the series, but there are two other couples who have also dealt with their fair share of complications. Because Brianna and Roger are well on their way to seriously competing with the elder romantic pair for the title of Most Happiness Challenged Couple, it can be easy to forget that Marsali and Fergus have been holding down the metaphorical fort at Fraser's Ridge as a solidly at-peace twosome. But, it sounds like they're about to get "really dark" in Season 6.

Obviously, one of the things that drives Outlander has always been the massive challenges that faced Jamie and Claire as they fell in love and began to attempt to build a life together. That trend continued when their daughter Brianna and her main man Roger were introduced, but Fergus and Marsali have been pretty drama free when it comes to their relationship. According to Marsali's portrayer, Lauren Lyle, though, the duo has some heavy times ahead when Outlander Season 6 finally arrives on our screens. As Lyle told Radio Times:

Marsali and Fergus have always been this fun, romantic couple – young, cool – like the ones that make people laugh and are just really in love with each other and have all these kids. And this time [in season six], it just got really deep and really dark… They’re at their most tested. It’s the most tumultuous time that we’ve seen them and their relationship [in]. And Marsali really has, this season – it’s the first time you see her having to step up, and she’s sort of supporting the family and dealing with her own needs.

Oh. My. GOODNESS. You guys? What does this mean?! I don't need or want Marsali and Fergus to be "tested"! Honestly, as much as we all love those two crazy kids, hasn't it been nice to have at least one couple on Outlander that isn't constantly having its members kidnapped, tortured, presumed dead, and then miraculously returned to the family 100% traumatized? Sure, we all want more Marsali and Fergus, but I'm not sure this is how we wanted to get it.

So, what could be on tap for Marsali and Fergus in Season 6 to cause all of this turmoil? Seeing as how Outlander has strayed from the books on several occasions, it's probably important that we remember that Marsali took the law into her own hands at the end of the fifth season, and killed Claire's captor, Lionel Brown, as he was awaiting treatment in the surgery. Most fans would likely agree that that had to be done, but it's not impossible that her decision could come back to haunt her.

Aside from that, because Lyle mentioned Marsali "having to step up" and these new challenges dealing with both of them in some way, we should also remember that Marsali was pregnant with their fourth child when we left her in Season 5. In the books, that child is born with a condition that brings out all of the superstition and a lot of nastiness from locals, so it's also possible that she'll have to defend her family in some very different ways in Season 6.

Outlander Season 6 isn't set to debut until sometime in early 2022, so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see what will happen with Marsali and Fergus. Until then, be sure to check out other upcoming romantic TV shows, and look at your viewing options with the 2021 fall TV schedule!

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