Outlander’s Sam Heughan Had The Same Response We Do When Asked About Favorite Jamie And Claire Scenes

It's no secret that Outlander fans are of a die-hard sort who can rattle off all of the best things about the show without giving questions about the show's virtue any additional thought. The theme song is fantastic, the opening credits change every season to reflect what going on with the characters, those characters are multi-layered and a treat to watch...You get the picture. We, of course, also love it when we get scenes with leading couple Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan), but it turns out that Heughan is all of us when asked about his favorite moment between the duo.

Outlander just began filming on Season 6, so while we still have quite a ways to go on this Droughtlander yet, at least more information about the new season is sure to begin coming along over the next few months. It's not uncommon for fans to take a look back while awaiting new episodes of a beloved series, and many of us have some episodes we're immediately drawn to when such a need arises. If you were to ask Sam Heughan which scenes between Jamie and Claire deserve your time, though, you might get a surprise. When asked on Twitter what his all time favorite Jamie and Claire moment was recently, he answered:

Too many to chose from!!!!!!!

Well, that simplifies things, doesn't it? Truthfully, we can hardly blame Sam Heughan for his indecision. For one thing, not only is he way more invested in everything Outlander has been able to bring fans over five seasons than the average fan, but, there's also the small matter of it really, actually, being very difficult to pinpoint one moment as the absolute best. This was completely exemplified in Heughan's response tweet, which he wrapped up with an exploding head emoji. And, you know what? All Outlander fans feel that. A lot.

I can tell you from first-hand experience, as someone who took it upon herself to rank both the best episodes of Outlander and the sexiest romantic scenes, that settling on just one awesome moment between Claire and Jamie would likely be an all-consuming task which would take over the life of even the most committed fan. We're talking about a show with five seasons and 67 episodes. Within each of those episodes there are several emotional, romantic, intriguing, important or just plain cool and fun scenes with Claire and Jamie.

Even if events within an episode get a bit silly on very few occasions (don't talk to me about Brianna and that damn buffalo), there is so much to choose from that it really could make one's head go BOOM!

I mean, you will certainly all remember when Claire and Jamie met, correct? How about when she was tending his wounds and saw the horrible scars on his back for the first time? Remember their wedding night, and when Claire had to get Jamie to open up after he was tortured by Black Jack Randall? What about the grand ol' time that was had when Jamie had to tell Claire that he'd married Laoghaire? Or, when Claire had to confirm that there was no hope for Murtagh? Oh, my goodness. The print shop reunion between our sad twosome after they'd been apart and thought each other dead for two full decades?!

It's all just too good, and if you can easily pick out one, single, favorite moment than you're a better fan than both me and Sam Heughan. Feel free to take those bragging rights and run.

We don't know yet when Outlander Season 6 will finally be available, but more information on the upcoming season will be along over the next several months. Until we know more, be sure to see what you can watch right now, via our guide to early 2021 TV premieres!

Adrienne Jones
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