Great Scott: Rick And Morty Revealed Christopher Lloyd As Rick, And It's Amazing

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Rick and Morty is the place to be on TV for some wild animated sci-fi adventures, to the point that the Adult Swim series and its main characters almost defy description at this point. Whether fans are going wild over Szechuan Sauce or Pickle Rick or just bizarre grandfather/grandson moments between the titular characters, there's always something unexpected to be found. Now, days before the Season 5 finale, Rick and Morty have made their live-action debuts, with Rick played by none other than Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd.

The official Rick and Morty Twitter account dropped a video of live-action Rick and Morty played by Christopher Lloyd and IT alum Jaeden Martell, and the casting couldn't have been much more perfect. Take a look:

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Say it with me: Great Scott! You know a live-action role has been well-cast when not a whole lot actually has to be done to adjust the actor's appearance. While that's almost certainly not what Christopher Lloyd wears on a daily basis, it still didn't take much more than the outfit and some wild hair to sell the Rick aesthetic. Of course, the performance is on point, even if it is only 15 seconds, three words, and one burp!

Jaeden Martell is a pretty fantastic pick to play Morty, too. He has even fewer lines than Christopher Lloyd, but he sells Morty about as well as anybody could in 15 seconds. Even though animation is the ideal format for the craziness that is Rick and Morty, and as much as the voice actors have made all the show's characters iconic, the clip really makes me want at least an episode or two of live-action adventure with these two movie stars in the roles.

While that technically hasn't been ruled out, the clip may not be a sign of anything more than Rick and Morty recruiting some big names to build hype for the Season 5 finale on September 5. If that's the case, then it was certainly effective at building hype. In the hours since the clip went live on social media, it has been retweeted well over 18,000 times and accumulated upward of 71,000 likes, and those numbers are still rising fast.

Plus, Christopher Lloyd himself took to Twitter to hype his debut as Rick Sanchez, with a post that I think deserves to be declared the winning tweet of the day. He wrote:


The only real bad news on the Rick and Morty front at the moment is that the end of Season 5 is fast-approaching, and fans have had to wait through some long hiatuses in the past for new episodes. On the upside, Rick and Morty received a huge renewal order a few years ago that means fans can go into the finale without having to worry that it will be the end of the series.

Check out the two-part Rick and Morty Season 5 finale on Sunday, September 5 starting 11 p.m. ET on Adult Swim.

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