Great Scott! NCIS Star Shares First Look At Christopher Lloyd's Upcoming Guest Spot

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Not too long after that fantastic Back to the Future reunion between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, pop culture has gifted the world once again. Lloyd will be guest-star on an upcoming episode of NCIS and Sean Murray, who plays McGee, has given fans an early glimpse of Lloyd in action!

In case you missed it, Christopher Lloyd is heading to NCIS. His character is said to particularly baffle the intrepid Gibbs. The 81-year-old Lloyd will be playing 95-year-old former Navy sailor Joe Smith, per TV Insider. Joe will be at the center of an investigation that the whole team gets embroiled in. When Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, Lloyd’s Joe was serving on the USS Arizona.

Now at 95, Joe is preparing arrangements for his earthly departure. In short, Joe wants his ashes spread with the fallen at Pearl Harbor. Due to whatever gets Christopher Lloyd’s character caught up in an investigation, the team is said to be uncertain as to whether they can believe him. Well, you can trust this wonderful photo of Lloyd posing with Sean Murray. Check it out:

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What a lovely picture! From Sean Murray’s caption, you can tell he is excited to have gotten to work with the legendary Christopher Lloyd. It will be exciting for fans of NCIS to get a chance to see Lloyd front and center, considering the state of Back to the Future 4.

The NCIS storyline will be about heading back to the past. Or at least, trying to uncover something related to it based on what is known about the storyline of Christopher Lloyd’s character. NCIS fans will want to stay tuned to see what happens with Lloyd’s Joe and his storyline.

In related NCIS news, Bishop and Torres may have taken a step back after last month’s Valentine’s Day episode. However, a recent update on Tony and Ziva revealed the parents have taken a step forward. On that note, I am curious if Joe ever married. Maybe the person he shared his life with can help clarify whatever this investigation entails.

Christopher Lloyd’s NCIS character is described as an “unapologetic curmudgeon.” However, Lloyd looks anything but curmudgeonly in his picture with Sean Murray. Further proof of what a terrific actor Lloyd is! Interestingly, Lloyd is wearing an NCIS visitor badge. Is that another clue about where his storyline takes him? Stay tuned.

What is incredibly interesting to me is that NCIS cast Christopher Lloyd as a 95-year-old when he is actually 81. That is a 14 year age difference. It should be compelling for fans to see him play a man 14 years his senior.

Sean Murray looks understandably excited to be taking a picture with Christopher Lloyd. Does that mean Murray’s McGee will get to share a lot of screen time with the screen legend? There is one way to find out for sure, and that is to check out Lloyd’s NCIS episode when it airs this spring!

New episodes of NCIS air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The series is among those you can stream on Netflix, which is continuously getting updated with 2020 premieres. For more viewing options, there are always this winter and spring’s premieres.

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