Wheel Of Fortune Fans Are Not Happy About The New Music And Other Changes

Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune

For the last 40+ years, game show enthusiasts have regularly tuned into Wheel of Fortune to watch contestants vie for major cash and sweet prizes. It’s safe to say the veteran show, co-hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White, is a television institution at this point. But as the show enters its 39th season, it’s made a few cosmetic changes, including a new set and updated music. Unfortunately, fans aren’t exactly loving the alterations so far.

Wheel of Fortune Season 39 premiered this past Monday, and many viewers were quick to take to social media to air their thoughts on the show’s new look. Those who had problems with the program were seemingly eager to know if others shared their feelings. And apparently, even those with smaller Twitter followings were extremely curious:

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One of the changes that’s not really connecting with audiences is the altered Toss Up music. As most fans likely know, the historically intense (and admittedly catchy) tune plays while contestants try to decipher toss up puzzles before time runs out. Given how iconic the theme is at this point, some social media users are questioning why it needed to be switched out:

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Keeping on the subject of music, Wheel of Fortune also decided to change up the music that plays whenever a puzzle has been solved. For many, that sound has represented a feeling of victory and even relief for both fans and viewers. So this new musical tidbit feels a bit jarring for some. One commentator even took to social media to share some blunt thoughts while dropping a compilation of the new song for other users to hear for themselves:

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The updated set has also become a somewhat controversial topic. For years now, the show has sported a relatively straightforward design, though it also changes based on themes, which makes the setting a bit more dynamic. Not only is the new setup more streamlined, but some are saying that it makes them a bit nostalgic -- but not in a good way:

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As much as people seem to love Wheel of Fortune’s previous musical selections and set design, it should be mentioned that there are some who weren’t fans of those original creative choices. For instance, one Twitter user confirmed their dislike of the initial music but also revealed they aren’t too fond of the updates to it, either:

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In addition to the new music and set, Wheel of Fortune is bringing in a host of other changes. These include more screen time for announcer Jim Thornton, a change to the Final Spin, new bonuses and a social correspondent role for Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie. Change is rarely easy, both for a show and fans of said program, so growing pains are to be expected. We’ll see if fans warm up to Wheel’s revamp as time goes on.

You can watch Wheel of Fortune in syndication daily.

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