Kelly Clarkson Is Wrapping On Her Divorce Just In Time For Her Aptly Titled Christmas Release

Kelly Clarkson in screenshot from The Voice 2021

Kelly Clarkson’s had quite the year. Her career has been going swimmingly, particularly in 2021, as she’s done work on The Voice, gotten a nice boost as Ellen’s impending replacement on the daytime circuit, and even put together a Christmas song aptly titled “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You).” Now, things are looking up even further, as new reports indicate her divorce to Brandon Blackstock is wrapping up.

Over the last few months, Kelly Clarkson’s high-profile divorce was in the news quite often. This happened as the couple worked out major monetary stuff connected to their split, including child and spousal support. Furthermore, for a time Brandon Blackstock was actually contesting a prenuptial agreement he’d signed before the two had married back in 2015. Amidst all of this, in July The Voice star’s legal team also filed a motion hoping to terminate the marriage while the logistics were being worked out.

Now, we've learned, a judge has signed off on the motion to end the marriage that was filed a few months ago. Paperwork (obtained by Hollywood Life) was filled out and a judge remarked both members of the former couple will be legally single starting on 1/7/2022. The Superior Court of California ruled:

Judgment of dissolution is entered. Marital or domestic partnership status is terminated and the parties are restored to the status of single persons.

The actual act of getting married may only take a few short minutes, but once celebrities have co-mingled their assets, if they choose to split up, it can sometimes be a long process. (Just look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who are in Year 5 of their bifurcated divorce.) Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock aren’t close to being in that territory yet. The two split after what she called a “dumpster fire” period in which she’s addressed them quarantining together with the family on a ranch in Montana. She's even mentioned having to use the bathroom in the woods during this period. While the singer hasn't been fully open about the specifics behind the decision, it seems they could not work through the quarantine period in 2020 and ultimately split in June of that year.

It sounds like things are rapidly wrapping up for them, however. Recently, Clarkson has also addressed her split in “Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You),” her brand new single. The full holiday album, When Christmas Comes Around…, will officially hit shelves on October 15 and features some lyrics that directly tie into feelings Kelly Clarkson has likely been wrestling with over the last year+.

I’ll be hanging every light I find in this house / Playin’ Christmas music so loud/This year Christmas won’t be quite so blue / And I’m gonna shout too much and dance in the snow / Drink just enough to let us go/Chistmas isn't canceled, just you.

The song discussed the "Stronger" singer moving on from a split and now that Kelly Clarkson has the green light to officially move on, she really does have stuff to celebrate around the holidays. You can hear the catchy lyrics to her full new single below.

Recently, when Kelly Clarkson had another divorce update, she just so happened to get the news during a taping of The Voice and reportedly even celebrated with the other coaches. Now she's another step closer to finalizing everything, and we'll just have to wait to see if and how she addresses it in either her daytime or reality competition gigs. Meanwhile, as the holiday season gears up, we wish her well.

Jessica Rawden
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