How Cobra Kai's Daniel And Johnny May Finally Get On The Same Page In Season 4

Daniel looking appauled at Johnny's words Cobra Kai Netflix

The latest look at Cobra Kai Season 4 has arrived, and we finally know exactly when to expect the newest season of The Karate Kid series. It also showed us a brief bit of what to expect ahead of the upcoming All Valley Karate Tournament and how Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence may finally get on the same page. That may seem like a weird thing to say based on a bulk of the footage shown in the trailer, but a couple of key scenes may tease that the two will work to understand each other's respective karate styles.

It's looking like Daniel LaRusso may learn to Strike First, Strike Hard, and Show No Mercy. The Cobra Kai trailer doesn't explicitly state this, but we do see a scene in which Daniel is climbing a metal chain like he's training while Johnny watches from the background. It looks very much like a Sensei and student moment, though the moment alone doesn't really see Daniel embrace the Cobra Kai way of fighting.

Daniel and Johnny Cobra Kai Season 4 Netflix

Later in the trailer, we see Johnny on the wooden float in the pond and attempting karate moves. We've seen Miguel, Samantha, and Robbie utilize this tactic when trying to learn Miyagi-Do, so I'm willing to go out on a limb and guess that Johnny is attempting to do the same.

Provided that's what's happening in these two scenes, it makes sense. Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso have been at odds more often than not in Cobra Kai, so it's silly to assume they could suddenly co-operate a dojo and have zero growing pains. Could respect between the two begin with respect for their separate karate styles?

Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence

Cobra Kai's latest trailer has confirmed one thing: Daniel and Johnny's mutual hatred for John Kreese won't be enough to defeat him. Kreese is the one who taught Johnny the Cobra Kai style, and I'm sure he and Terry Silver have seen enough of Miyagi-Do to understand it quite well, too. The heroes need a new kind of karate to give the new iteration of Cobra Kai a run for its money, which may be why the two are learning each other's styles.

The stakes couldn't be any higher in Cobra Kai Season 4. Daniel and Johnny threw down the gauntlet against John Kreese, and the loser of the All Valley Karate Tournament will have to shut down their dojo for good. Johnny and Daniel have s few notable stars under their tutelage but, overall, they're outsized by their rivals' talent. Plus, Terry Silver will come to Kreese's aid in Season 4, so it's more than fair to say Johnny and Daniel don't stand a chance unless they can find genuine respect between each other ahead of the tournament.

Cobra Kai will hit Netflix on Friday, December 31st. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for more on the upcoming season and some of the things we'd like to see before its arrival.

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