Dancing With The Stars Fans Had Some Hilarious Reactions To Tyra Banks 'Bowtie Pasta' Dress

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Dancing with the Stars episode that aired Monday, September 27. Read at your own risk!

The second episode of Dancing with the Stars Season 30 gave contestants another chance to wow viewers and the judges. Some contestants jumped at the opportunity, and others were overshadowed by the odd dress that host Tyra Banks wore throughout the evening. The dress has been likened to bowtie pasta and just about everything else under the sun, and the reactions from fans are absolutely hilarious.

Tyra Banks wore a dress reminiscent of a disco ball in the premiere, and it seemed then that she couldn't possibly top that look. Banks and the wardrobe department silenced anyone who thought that in Week 2, as she went out on stage in a dress that resembled Italian food.

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Bowtie pasta wasn't the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Tyra Banks' latest attire for Dancing with the Stars, and luckily others online were on the same wavelength. While contestants like Suni Lee strutted their stuff on stage, Banks stood on the sideline looking like Jurassic Park's venom-spitting Dilophosaurus.

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Tyra Banks served up a look that, perhaps to the surprise of many, somehow topped her reflective look during Dancing with the Stars' Season 30 premiere. One would imagine there are some people who appreciate the bold looks, but there are others loudly voicing they'd rather she tone it down if this is the direction her dresses are trending.

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I would argue that bold and daring clothes are indicative of Tyra Banks' past as a supermodel. I also know next to nothing about fashion, though, and it would appear some others online do. As for those folks, they're kind of confused as to what Banks is going for with these increasingly outlandish outfits and think that Banks deserves better looks than what the first two weeks of Dancing with the Stars this season provided.

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Unfortunately for Tyra Banks, it would seem the prevailing opinion from Twitter is that her latest outfit was a bigger flop than Martin Kove's two dance performances. The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai star was the first elimination of Season 30, though that wasn't nearly as surprising as Banks' dress. Kove's two dances were rough, but perhaps not quite as harsh as Twitter has been on Tyra Banks these past two weeks.

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There are still calls from fans for Tom Bergeron to return to Dancing with the Stars, which could play a small part in why the internet has been so harsh to Tyra Banks lately. A bulk of the popular comments this week didn't knock on her hosting ability, just the outfit. Perhaps if Banks toned down the look, she'd be golden. Of course, it's not entirely clear if Banks would even stop her daring looks despite being taunted by the internet, and no guarantees she won't up the ante even further next week.

Dancing with the Stars returns to ABC with a celebration of Britney Spears on Monday, October 4th at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on the series, be sure to catch up on our coverage thus far, and how some felt JoJo Siwa got an unfair score in Week 1.

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