Tom Bergeron Is Finally Heading Back To TV After Being Fired From Dancing With The Stars

Tom Bergeron

Fans of the long-running ABC competition series Dancing With the Stars were disappointed to hear that host Tom Bergeron was being let go back in 2019. Bergeron had been a mainstay host on the show since it debuted back in 2005, and fans have already sat through one season without him since his departure. Those who love the long-time TV personality will be pleased to hear that Bergeron is back to work and is plotting a return to TV - although maybe not the way fans expected to see him.

Tom Bergeron recently took to his Instagram to announce that he’s back to work, just not for Dancing With the Stars. His post showcases the NBC costume department building, saying he was being fitted for a guest appearance in an unidentified sitcom. You can check out his post below:

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It’s not clear what sitcom Tom Bergeron is talking about, or even if he is being serious about appearing in a sitcom. (NBC notably doesn't have any comedies on its Fall TV schedule, and other NBCU networks aren't very sitcom-friendly.) However, it is clear that he is back to work, and it’s not for ABC or Dancing With the Stars. Not that the info is stopping fans from sending their hopes and dreams out into the world and willing his return to the show to manifest in the future, despite the fact that there aren't any openings.

The comment section of Tom Bergeron’s post is full of fans’ longing comments for his return to Dancing With the Stars, which isn't exactly something he can dictate. One fan says she hasn’t tuned in to watch the show since his departure, and others are seemingly pretty disappointed that his new TV project isn’t a return to the celebrity dancing show.

Some fans are even using the comment section to go in on the celebrity that took Tom Bergeron’s spot as host on Dancing With the Stars, Tyra Banks. There are more than just a few fans saying that Banks has ruined the show for them. While Banks did have a little bit of an announcement mishap, which may not have even been her fault, she does have hosting and TV experience that rival that of Bergeron’s, even if not everyone is so fond of her work.

Tom Bergeron has primarily been a host on TV and is also well known for America's Funniest Home Videos, but he has appeared in acting roles occasionally. It shouldn’t be a total shock that he would have a guest spot on a sitcom, but it is a little surprising that Bergeron hasn’t attached himself as host for another TV program yet, considering how well that kind of gig has worked for him across his 30 years in Hollywood.

Since his departure from Dancing With the Stars, Tom Bergeron most notably competed on The Masked Singer as Taco, which was certainly a side that fans weren't used to seeing. So while we wait to see what's coming next in his career, Dancing with the Stars Season 20 is set to premiere on ABC on Monday, September 20, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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