FBI: Most Wanted Boss Reveals How The Team Is Moving On From Losing Kellan Lutz’s Crosby

Kellan Lutz on FBI: Most Wanted
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WARNING: There are spoilers for Season 3 of FBI: Most Wanted coming up!

FBI: Most Wanted's Season 3 premiere came with the loss of one major series star. Kellan Lutz’s Special Agent Kenny Crosby officially departed the series after experiencing a serious gunshot wound. It goes without saying that his absence will certainly be felt moving forward. Now, showrunner David Hudgins has shed some light on how the team will be moving on from the loss of Lutz’s veteran character.

Kenny Crosby's exit was not something that was always planned, at least at this point in time. Kellan Lutz unfortunately stepped down from his role on the series due to a number of family tragedies. He sadly lost a few relatives over the past year, including the grandfather who of whom his character is named after. Ultimately, the actor felt he needed to do what was best for his family and move his wife and newborn daughter closer to their remaining extended family.

His decision was one that was apparently understood and respected by FBI: Most Wanted showrunner David Hudgins. In an interview via email with Give Me My Remote, Hudgins spoke on Kellan Lutz's choice and teased what may become of Special Agent Kenny Crosby. While Lutz's departure certainly means the character will be out of the fray for the immediate future, Hudgins doesn't seem to be closing the door on the character completely. Here’s what the showrunner said, exactly:

The team misses Crosby, and, yes, they will be getting updates on his recovery as the season progresses. They will adjust and adapt as Kristin becomes a more integral part of the task force. Kellan has been a big part of MOST WANTED from the beginning and I respect his decision to put his family first. There is certainly the possibility that he could return for some episodes in the future if that is something he feels ready to do.

Kellan Lutz seems to share the producer's sentiments about his character making a comeback, as he has previously expressed interest in returning at some point in the future. The star may have more pressing obligations right now, but his personal situation could always change, allowing him to reprise his role. And given that Lutz’s Special Agent Kenny Crosby has also appeared in both of FBI: Most Wanted’s sister series as well, there may certainly be opportunities for the character to resurface on other shows as well.

Though fans will not be graced with Kellan Lutz on screen anytime soon, Season 3 of FBI: Most Wanted is just getting started, and it seems that there are big things in store for the team. The series airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, directly following both of its sister shows, FBI and FBI: International, respectively.

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