Twilight’s Kellan Lutz And Wife Welcome Baby Girl And Nikki Reed Is Super Pumped For Them

The Twilight Saga wrapped nearly a decade ago now and, since then, much of the cast has started to move forward from the vampire teen years and settle down with families to call their own. It’s tough to forget the series’ Emmett Cullen, played by Kellan Lutz, who has just reached a major milestone as the father of a baby girl, with wife Brittany. And as soon as the couple shared the happy news, his Rosalie, Nikki Reed threw in her excitement.

The Lutz family were filled with gratitude on Instagram as they welcomed Ashtyn Lilly Lutz, who was born in New York City on February 22. Kellan shared how special the day was for him and his wife as, last year, the family experienced tragedy when they lost their first baby due complications Brittney experienced when she was six months pregnant. Check out their announcement:

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It’s great to see a happy beginning for these two following such a nightmare of a circumstance just last February. At the time, Brittany Lutz called the loss the “hardest season” of her life. And as they welcome Ashtyn into their lives, Kellan wrote how the baby has “ushered in a new season for us and we love her beyond comprehension.” It’s so, so sweet! And Twilight’s Nikki Reed jumped in the comment section to share her support. In her words:

Congrats Brittany and Kell!!!! Wow wow wow! Your life is forever changed in the best way imaginable and I’m sending you three all my love and hugs!

The Twilight family is family still, and it’s great to see Emmett and Rosalie supporting each other into parenthood. Nikki Reed is married to The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder, with whom she has one daughter, three-year-old Bohdi Soleil Reed. I’d imagine at some point, Bodhi and Ashtyn might meet for a playdate! So cute. Twilight’s Alice Cullen, Ashley Greene, also said this:

Congrats you two!!! I'm so excited for you and Brittany!!! Sending hugs!

Kellan Lutz is 35 years old nowadays, most recently playing a lead character in CBS’ FBI: Most Wanted. The actor most certainly will always be remembered for his role as the bulkiest in the Cullen Clan, Emmett, who paired up with Nikki Reed’s hot-headed Rosalie Hale who found her way to the immortal life following a tragic backstory.

CinemaBlend spoke to the actor back in 2018 to celebrate Twilight’s ten-year anniversary. When we asked him how the franchise could perhaps continue, he talked about how he’d like to see it rebooted:

Definitely for the first movie, I think Twilight has the lowest budget out of all of them from New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and I can only imagine what Catherine [Hardwicke] would do if she had a $59 million budget compared to ($37 million budget of the first.) So, I think they could remake the first one, but I don't think they could remake or should remake the franchise until there is some new technological advancement. I think the CGI was already top notch in the movies.

Of course, we cannot imagine another Twilight ever possibly topping the iconic baseball scene of the original. We here at CinemaBlend congratulate the Lutz family on their new family member!

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