3 Major Walker: Independence Questions Following The Tense Fall Finale

Abby in Walker: Independence on The CW
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Walker: Independence Season 1 fall finale called “The Owl and the Arrow.” Read at your own risk!

Walker: Independence didn’t go out with guns blazing in its fall finale, but a murder trial and lots of developments kept things tense in this latest episode. Fans certainly have a lot to think about while they wait for The CW series to return on January 5, and potentially reveal what exactly is going on in this future railroad town. 

This series started out as Abby Walker’s quest for revenge on the man who killed her husband, but clearly, there’s more going on than we even know. Following the fall finale, here are the biggest questions I’m asking and want the answers to by the end of Season 1. 

Abby on Walker: Independence on The CW

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How Will Abby Deal With Tom?

Abby went into Tom Davidson’s office to snoop around, but what she found was far more shocking than any damning document or letter she’s read since taking this job. Tom was down on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth and abdomen, and he looked absolutely awful. Tom begged Abby for help, and the scene closed with the heroine seemingly contemplating what she should do. 

If there was a chance to get revenge on Tom for killing Abby’s husband Liam, this is it. Abby could just get up, and pretend she didn’t see anything, and no one would know how or why the sheriff died. We’ve already pointed out, however, that Tom doesn’t seem to be someone so terrible he’d murder anyone. That was only further solidified by his sparing Calian’s life in the latest episode, even before he had the evidence to properly exonerate him. 

I think Abby might save Tom on those grounds alone, even if she still thinks he killed Liam. Plus, she’s always been on board with having Tom arrested, and murder isn’t really her thing.

Tom Davidson in Walker: Independence on The CW

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Who Stabbed Tom, And Why Isn't He Doing Anything About It?

Tom Davidson was stabbed in the previous episode, though up until the final moments of this latest episode, no one would’ve known it. Isn’t it strange that Tom, who is not only a sheriff but also comes from a very wealthy and powerful family, isn’t looking for the person who stabbed him? 

Clearly, there’s more to the story there, and I have a suspicion it could all tie into Walker: Independence’s story of Liam’s murder. The one person I’m assuming has answers is Tom, and he’s currently not looking like he’s in a position to give any. 

Calian on Walker: Independence on The CW

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Will Calian Return To Independence?

After being put on trial, convicted, and saved in the eleventh hour before his scheduled hanging, Calian decided to cut his losses and become the latest person to leave Independence. Abby didn’t blame Calian for wanting to move on, though it had to hurt to see the departure of one of her core group committed to bringing Tom down.

Much like the Arrowverse, however, actors on The CW don't always permanently stay away when written off. I’d be shocked if this is the last we see of Calian on Walker: Independence, but at the same time, he doesn’t really have the incentive to return. This definitely felt like a “ride off into the sunset” type of goodbye, which is a nice touch for this Western drama that is steadily shaking the vibe that it’s just a Yellowstone 1883 ripoff

As mentioned, Walker: Independence will return to The CW on Thursday, January 5th at 9:00 p.m. ET as part of the 2023 TV Schedule

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