How Walker: Independence’s Tempting Offer For Abigail Could Already Lead To Disaster In Season 1

Abigail Walker on Walker: Independence
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest Walker: Independence episode "Home To A Stranger." Read at your own risk!

Abigail Walker began her quest to try and prove that Sheriff Tom Davidson killed her husband Liam, but by the end of the latest episode of the spinoff series Walker: Independence, she was unsuccessful. Despite that, Abby did receive an opportunity where she might be able to keep a closer eye on Davidson after he offered her a position as a legal advisor. It's a tempting proposition that could pay off, but it could also spell disaster for Katherine McNamara's character

Tom Davidson may be the murderous bastard who killed Abby's husband, but he proved in the latest episode he's also pretty damn clever. Tom managed to intercept Hoyt's message to deputy Gus about the location of Liam's body, which allowed Tom to exhume it and announce to the town his plans to find the murderer. Not long after, he found a scapegoat in a gang of cattle rustlers and took the sole survivor in as the prime suspect in Liam's murder. 

Abby, Hoyt, and Calian then set out with an elaborate plan to free the accused murderer to help prove his innocence, only for him to be shot down by Gus while making an escape. His death meant the gang lost their strongest ally in building a case against Tom, and helped solidify the narrative that Liam's murderer was found, and now, brought to justice in the eyes of the town. The scenery in Walker: Independence may be bright, but it does seem that many of its residents are dim. 

In short, Abby doesn't have any leads proving Tom killed her husband, so it'll be understandable if she takes the sheriff up on his offer. In doing so, she'll not only create more juicy drama for Walker: Independence fans to follow but could also find some evidence to eventually make Tom answer for his misdeeds. While I get why she'd do it, I also can't help but see the major danger in Abby taking this risk (especially since this isn't an Arrowverse show where she has super skills). 

After seeing all Tom Davidson did in this episode, I'd have to believe he's at least slightly suspicious that someone in town is sniffing around in regards to Liam's murder. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out that this random woman who only recently arrived might be one of those people, which makes it prudent to keep an eye on her and see how much she knows. What better way to do that than to offer her a job, and continue to monitor her just in case? 

As I mentioned, Sheriff Tom seems to be a pretty smart guy. I'd be shocked if he isn't the least bit suspicious of Abby and her interest in Liam's murder. Even if he isn't aware that Liam was her husband, I'd gather he might pick up on that eventually, especially given how invested she was in the whole murder during their dinner together. Perhaps I'm giving him too much credit two episodes in, but it feels to me like Abby is only asking for trouble taking Tom up on his offer. 

Walker: Independence airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. It's one of many new shows that just recently premiered on television, and if you look at our 2022 TV schedule, there are still plenty more on the way that are worth checking out. 

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