We’re a few years into the massive 3D push and all of the fervor for the medium seems to being dying down. At no point has that downtrend been clearer either than this week when the technology was dealt a pretty big blow. On Wednesday, early adapter of 3D TV ESPN announced the company was opting to “discontinue” its available 3D programming due to low usage numbers by ESPN viewers.

ESPN spokeswoman Katina Arnold explained a little more via her Twitter account, noting that the loss of 3D won’t be all bad news for fans.

In fact, according to The Verge, ESPN says it wants to concentrate efforts more on the possibilities that 4K, or Ultra High Definition, has to offer. With numbers lagging on the 3D channel and no big signs of improvement, it's probably the right call for the network to stop forcing a product people don't seem to want and instead concentrate on something else that might have a real impact down the road. People might be cool with putting on the clunky glasses for a couple of hours of visual fun at the theater, but in the privacy of their own homes, the medium just isn’t catching on.

Back in 2010, the group launched ESPN 3D with an airing of the FIFA World Cup's opening game from that year. At first, airings were spotty, but by 2011 the station was playing sports content in 3D constantly. ESPN has been a leader in the 3D television arena, but even so, the station has always been an iffy side project. With the network pulling out, we’ll have to wait and see how 3D TV fares into the future. I’m guessing that future is not so bright.

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