Ratings are in for Thursday television and things are looking dismal at NBC. The network’s new comedy block didn’t offer one show that hit four million total viewers last night. Parks and Recreation brought in 3.2 million, Welcome to the Family brought in 2.5 million, Sean Saves the World brought in 3.2 million, and The Michael J. Fox Show brought in 3.8 million. While Parks and Rec has never been a huge ratings bringer, this seems to be a classic case of a viewers sticking to a network rather than sticking to the best shows airing on a given night.

I know there’s a ton of television available on Thursday nights. CBS offers a far more dominant comedy block. ABC has back to back Shonda Rhimes going on. Fox has a weird Thursday, featuring both The X Factor and Glee. Even the NFL Network offered a football game last night. However, if you’re going to watch one new comedy this season, it should be The Michael J. Fox Show. Here’s five reasons why NBC’s Thursday night comedy has been great so far, and why you should be watching.

1. Mike And His Wife, Annie, Have Real Chemistry
When Breaking Bad was ending, one of the first actors to be cast in a new series was Betsy Brandt, who played Hank’s wife Marie on AMC's drama. When I heard Brandt would be transitioning to comedy, I wasn’t sure how great her transition to comedy would be. Regardless, Brandt and Fox exude incredibly chemistry onscreen. They seem like a happy but still argumentative couple that lives a busy lifestyle, but still has time to get up to some hijinks.Last night's episode featured the Mike and Annie competing to get their youngest child invested in the activity of their choice. They work well together, and do so without one half of the couple being the more dominant jokester.

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