You know how some shows peak in the first few seasons and then take a creative nosedive, getting dragged out for years without a return to form? Sterling Archer literally doesn’t even know how to fail. Wait…yes, literally. Entering Season 6, Archer is going through more big changes after a Season 5 departure into the world of coke dealing. But having seen the first six episodes, I can tell you one thing remains the same: this is still one of the most well-written shows on TV.

It’s also one of the lowest-rated shows out there, at least when it comes to amazing comedies, and that garbage has to stop. To guide my argument, here are five reasons why Archer is better than ever, and why you literally need to start watching it right now! Wait…not literally, depending on when you’re reading this, as Season 6 starts tonight on FX.

They’re Working for the CIA Now
Gone are the massive bundles of cocaine and dirty dealings with cartels – at least for now – as the somewhat coherent Vice storyline has been left behind for the one-and-done episodes of seasons past, with Archer and the gang now doing side jobs for the CIA on an official level. (Bye-bye forever, ISIS!) Some people will undoubtedly prefer Archer’s connected storytelling techniques, and I was a huge fan of that approach as well, but a big chunk of my love for this series is being able to put on nearly any episode at any point in time and enjoying it for its standalone genius without having to remember what’s happening in the plot. It’s Get Smart with Lucy levels of brain activity, and this season gives us some dangerous and twisting missions, along with an elevator-centric bottle episode that couldn’t embody this show’s spirit any better. And don’t get me started on the consistently giggle-worthy wordplay and catchphrases, because I’ll enter a quote vortex that I won’t soon escape from.

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